My own experience with racism of a different kind and how to deal with it

It ‘s kind of sad as to how people in 21st century India still believe in notions of caste and how they would want such outdated conceptions to perpetuate .I have had quite different different views for funding pure math research and whether at all it should be done by taxpayer money and have been vocal about it on social media and this position of mine was well known and accepted and always reasoned out with people I know .However unfortunately very recentlyI found out that had become an object of mockery by some people whom I know and used to sort of mischaracterise what I stood for .Casteist slurs being passed against me etc .A person who studied with me in school and now studying math at a university also was involved in this nonsense because it is upon his video comment was made and it has been years since I have even spoken to him.He is a Brahmin by caste and in India it is caste that is determined by birth not by one ‘s deeds there are texts like manu smriti which legitimises oppression of the Shudras (Communities like ours which trace their origins to agriculture etc .It is the American version of white supremacy .But there are certain major differences though colour is not in our control the tools to get out of this oppression is well within our control which I will elaborate in detailed article .Prof CR Rao one of the leading Statisticians of the world even today a non brahmin himself had to also face the evils of this Brahmanical caste system

“In my younger days the caste system was quite rigid, and even now it exists in some form or other The Brahmins, with the highest ranking in the caste hierarchy of the Hindu society, were prominent in all activities and tried to distance themselves from the other castes, the rarest form of which were un-touchability and unseeability practiced in the Travancore region of South India Untouchability meant that a person of a lower caste was not allowed to touch a Brahmin Unseeability meant that a lower caste person had to hide himself if a Brahmin was in the vicinity Most of my schoolmates were Brahmins, and I belonged to one of the lower castes, known as Padma Velama, a community of landlords I could play with my schoolmates at school and on the playground without the knowledge of their parents but could not visit them at their houses Lower caste people were not allowed inside the homes of Brahmins As a bright student with a good school record, I was considered worthy enough to go up to the courtyard of a Brahmin’s house but not to enter it If I were thirsty while walking back with a Brahmin friend from the playground and needed a drink of water, my friend’s family would not serve me water in a glass, as they have to discard the glass as polluted once I touched it If I wanted to drink water, I would have to stand at a distance, with my two hands cupped together in front of them to receive the water poured into my hands from a height My family experienced difficulties renting houses in predominantly Brahmin localities There was another incident where the caste system showed up in an ugly way The head of the Mathematics Department at Andhra University where I studied, Professor V Ramaswami, a PhD from Cambridge University, was a non-Brahmin by caste, like me When I obtained the first rank in first class in the final MA examination in mathematics at Andhra University, the friends of two of my classmates who were Brahmins and who were competing with me for the first rank started a rumor that the head of the department had showed favoritism in grading my answers because I was a non-Brahmin I was unhappy when I heard about it but took it as something natural in the Indian society, where casteism, provincialism, and linguistic affinities play a dominant role in human relations”This is not me telling but Dr Rao It send shivers down my spine to even read this .Rao ‘s contributions spans almost every field from genetics to electrical engineering to economics you name it . The American Statistical Association has described him as “a living legend whose work has influenced not just statistics, but has had far reaching implications for fields as varied as economics, genetics, anthropology, geology, national planning, demography, biometry, and medicine.” The Times of India listed Rao as one of the top 10 Indian scientists of all time.His student who btw is a brahmin has gone on to win an Abel Prize .The amazing part is these people think they can get away everytime and I being a Libertarian actually can even tolerate mocking for fun but not at the cost of my own individual liberty and how the world sees me right .I dont believe in statist interventions and even neglected the whole thing but countless wrong impressions would have been formed of the people who would have viewed it .It has happened in Quora Youtube and etc just for stating my unpopular contrarian and a non majoritarian opinion.Worse of them all I have not even been given an apology by these people and these people sign petitions of intolerance and fight for rights of the oppressed when their students are having a gala time mocking a shudra .I wanted to tell this all to the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government when I went for his talk but refrained from doing do just considering the fact that these people would continue to target my views and me irrespective and also the systems are rigged against shudras and I didnt want to waste time I only want people to know the evils still exist.It has to come to their mind to respect different views until then nothing will be of use and so my advise is if they bully you try to change them if thats not happening neglect just leave it off and be proud you did the most sensible as I did in this case