How to create a social networking website like Facebook

Are you planning to create a social networking platform like facebook, twitter & google+. Then you are at right place. Here in this post i am gonna share you how to create a social networking website without a single line of code. You can setup your social network yourself not in months, weeks or days, Just in few hours you will be able to launching your very own social network. Do you want to know how, then follow me. I am going to give you an awesome package of premium social networking scripts, which gonna cost you thousands of dollars online.

Now i will show showcase all the scripts i am going to provide you here:

  1. Crea8social
    Demo: Welcome to our network
  2. Phpfox
  3. Social Engine
    Demo: Landing Page — TravelConnection
  4. Wowonder
    Demo: WoWonder Social Network Platform
  5. Sngine
    Demo: Welcome to Sngine
  6. Socialkit
    Demo: SocialKit Follow Version
  7. Sociallite
    Demo: Socialite
  8. Scops Engine
    Demo: N/A
  9. Rethink
    Demo: N/A


  1. There are number of social networking website out in the world what is the necessity of creating a new one?
    A) There might be number of social networking websites available online. But that dosent stop people from creating a new one. People always look for niche based social networks. If you have a college you can create social network for your college people & students to interact with each other.
  2. Do i need to code like Mark Zukerberg to make a social network like facebook?
    A) No you dont need to have a coding background & you dont need to write a single line of code to build a social networking platform like facebook.
  3. What resources should i have to run a social network?
    A) 1. A vps/cloud/dedicated server.
    2. An email marketing service.
    3. A Payment gateway (Paypal).
    4. Third party services to setup video/audio calling & livestraming.
  4. How much time it take to install the script?
    A) It takes just 1 minute to install the social network in your sever. It is as simple as installing a software in your laptop.
  5. How much time does it take to configure the social network (Adding categories..etc)?
    A) It can take up to 5 hours maximum.
  6. Will i receive updates in the script?
    A) Updates are lifetime free. you can download the new script whenever the new version of the script came out in the market.

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