New day, New promises.

First things fast, What are Promises 🤔?

So you are about to go on a trip with your friends, your concerned parents are reluctant to let you go alone. So as always you assure them that you’ll inform them once you reach the spot, also if something goes wrong while reaching there. Quintessentially, you ‘promise’ your parents to keep them informed whatever happens. Coming to JS land, a ‘Promise’ represents a special object conveying a asynchronous process which might reach eventual completion (or not). You can subscribe to this object and get the result of asynchronous process when it completes or the error in case it fails…

Going deeper Into GraphQL and the Ingredients that make It great

A Look Into Core Concepts Of GraphQL

In the last part, we addressed the famous question — What is GraphQL and How it compares to REST. In this second and final part, we are gonna take a deep dive into the implementational details of GraphQL. What makes GraphQL so amazing is that It is quite simple to grasp, yet immensely powerful. So, what are the bricks and mortar for GraphQL ? One of the amazing things about GraphQL is its simplicity, which allows for a relatively easy learning curve. …

A quick guide to getting your test cases running with Jest & Enzyme in React-Typescript. 😎

Unit tests are hallmark of a quality codebase and with amazing tools and utilities now available for React, there are just no excuses for not writing test cases for your code. Why should you write test cases is an age-old but gold question, which I have tried to answer in this post, do check it out.

Typescript has more presence compared to flow when it comes to maintaining type-safety in React codebase. Type-safety might seem like an obtrusion at first but is really important when you have mammoth project with a lot of developers working. …

What is this GraphQL thing & Why should you care whether you are a front-end or a back-end dev.

A Mild Introduction To GraphQL

Oh howdy everyone, and while the impending fear of the rise of JS frameworks is still unshaken, I am here to clear your doubt-clouds around one of the new heroes of the land — GraphQL. Well, it is not exactly new and I know that I am not the first one to preach but still, I’ll try to present GraphQL with my learnings after some experimentation and a lot of preceding frustration arising from my confusions about this new revolutionary thing, every one is so pumped about — GraphQL. If you are in the same state, in the great dilemma…

Best practices and lessons learnt while writing React code.

Code is like humor. When you have to explain it, it’s bad. — Cory House

After a few successful React experiences and a couple of bad ones, from writing and seeing bad React code to now being a little (yep, just a little) considerate about what I write, I’d like to share the techniques to enter Sage Mode with React, sharing the timeless principles of writing quality code at scale.

React isn’t easy to take up & React is tough to let go of.

That statement describes well my experiences with React over past couple of months. From a beginner to now being an established beginner…

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