New day, New promises.

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First things fast, What are Promises 🤔?

So you are about to go on a trip with your friends, your concerned parents are reluctant to let you go alone. So as always you assure them that you’ll inform them once you reach the spot, also if something goes wrong while reaching there. …

Going deeper Into GraphQL and the Ingredients that make It great

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A Look Into Core Concepts Of GraphQL

In the last part, we addressed the famous question — What is GraphQL and How it compares to REST. …

A quick guide to getting your test cases running with Jest & Enzyme in React-Typescript. 😎

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Unit tests are hallmark of a quality codebase and with amazing tools and utilities now available for React, there are just no excuses for not writing test cases for your code. Why should you write test cases is an age-old but gold question, which I have tried to answer in this post, do check it out.

Typescript has more presence compared to flow when it comes to maintaining type-safety in React codebase. …


Tejas Upmanyu

Writes at, Engineering @HashedIn. Cricket fanatic 🏏 and Tennis rookie 🎾. In a never ending ♥️ with UI. Fan of all things JS. He/Him

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