A lot can happen over a meal.

The restaurant you are in can become your “favourite” simply because you loved that dish.You can start liking a whole “new cuisine” for yourself..can be parsi or thai.You can make a complete new boyfriend or say “yes” to your boyfriend and start a new “married life”.

You could turn into a complete “non vegetarian” from a total herbivore choosing to eat delicious roast lambs or broiled lobsters tails over the daily broccoli.

You might love that salad and discover love for lettuce and lime.My friend,last time was recovering from jaundice and so we ordered fruits and guess what I found a new “love for kiwi”. Even dining out is new adventure in life,what you order,what you taste next,can become so exciting! Much more stuff could happen over a simple 30 minutes dining..just love every bit of it..and appreciate life while even dining!