What can you see in me?

My mother’s slightest resemblance

My father’s tiniest of wisdom

My lavender scented room

Part of my pals from past and now

Bits of all my travel stories from around

My tiny tales from young,adult and now

Miracles I believe in

Love that i absorb and reflect

Stories i have been hearing from long

Some battles lost and won

Beauty, i have been appreciating

Smiles,all that i share

My glued heart that’s been broken and mended along

My tale,Its just like yours

Same parts as you,yourself !

Same stardust in us all 🌟


Painting source ;

Charlie Bowater

“Aren’t some words ‘almost’ or ‘utter’ Paradise ?”

A window pane,painted newly fresh

You see through,use any random color

Smell splendid universe

Talk along with the magnificent teller

Waltz along the alluring heaven it creates

Sing in any song,it’s written

Encounter b’ful beings,share your heart whole ♥

Like you’re divine travelling, Love such exquisite books

Love some words as they’re ‘almost’ or ‘utter’ Paradise! 🤍🤍🤍


A young girl reading.

Jean Honorè Fragonard

Is there something that you see here?

Something that these abstract paints would tell tales about..

In the world of such vivid strokes made

Something that they speak to you so bold,

They tell you so loud

And you listen with all your heart

To only know…

“Chaos as some breathtaking masterpiece..!”


Painting source

— No.5,1948

Paul Jackson Pollock

My god If i had a heart ,

i would write my hate on ice
and wait for the sun to come out.

With the dream of Van Gogh
I would paint on the stars a Bendatti poem,

And a song by Serrat would be a serranade

I would offer to the moon.

Aint some poetry absolute classic ?? ❣

Taken from Farewell Letter

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The planet has survived everything in its time…

It shall certainly survive us!

Wanna get choked to death by Plastic?

Every piece of plastic ever made,STILL REMAINS!

Recyclycling helps but NOT all plastic is recyclable. There is no doubt that pieces of plastic have become omnipresent today.Around 8 million metric tonnes flow into oceans every year.If …

What to do when you feel lonely or sad sometimes?

In times of this covid 19 pandemic, its natural to feel lonely, to feel bored, repeating the same chores, day after day, its all similar routine! it is natural, so first of all ,don’t feel worried.

Its a phase and as…

Is kindness that strange Today?

Yes.Definitely! Its strange and more off …its silly,stupid!

It means you haven’t quite seen the cruel brutual world around.Like, you dont quite know that everyone is there in your life for some sort of gain.You are unaware that people ‘use’ you.

As if you haven’t…

Why ill-pray for the person who ill-talked to you?

Why would you want to make anyone jealous?

Why do your parents always keep quarrelling ?

Why does the wealthy-poor ‘difference’ exist?

Why does your husband keep nagging about the food you made..terrible!everytime ?

Why did that person got cancer and…

Tejasvini Chauhan


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