First world problems

What do you do when a flight you are in hasn’t taken off from the past 3 hrs?

Catch up on sleep seems to be the ‘Duh’ answer. Unfortunately, not being one of those who can sleep anytime, anywhere in the blink of an eye, I pull out my Kindle to catch up on some reading. My trusty Kindle decides this is the moment to say enough and dies in front of my eyes. A little too melodramatic a situation for me to regret not carrying a book. Moreover, I am on 32% battery on my phone. I am that kind who freaks when the battery charge drops below 30%. Some sort of an OCD. So I quickly call my mum to update her of the situation and just….sit.

The inflight radio crackles and it is Mr.Pilot giving us an update on the fog situation. It has apparently cleared considerably and we have moved up from 24th in line to take-off to 21st. I am still thinking it could have been a good news, when he quietly adds that, that means we should be ready to take off in another 40 minutes. He should have asked us, we would have picked the bad news first. Anyway, another hour approximately. And luckily, my row has the middle seat empty between my window and the aisle. The passenger on the aisle is blissfully snoring. But, by now, the technologically deprived me is fidgeting and clucking about impatiently. I ask Ms.Stewardess who’s sanctimoniously checking seat-belts (God knows why) if I can use a charging point to charge one of my appliances. She lets me know that there is no charging point in the flight. I am incredulous. She smiles back at me with trained sympathy.

I am resigned to my fate. A deep voice behind me says -

“You can use my portable charger”

I turn around to see this guy who I must have missed out on noticing while boarding, because he’s kind of good-looking but in a very non-appeasing hunky way. (I like lean guys. Judge me) I am still deciding on whether to politely say No No, its okay. Not a big deal or Thank you! and kiss the back of his hand when he continues -

“I’ll just put it near the back of your seat on my table for you to plug in. There’s an extra USB as well”

Here I was, ready to give up on spirituality, when this life-saver appears. God does appear in different forms. Too overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude, I mumble a heartfelt Thank you so much and plug in my phone. We sat there for the next 30 minutes, sharing a single source of energy. Mr.Pilot awakens again and informs us that we were now 10th in sequence to take-off. A silent cheer runs across the airplane. Ms.Stewardess jumps to life from her robotic mission and starts to drone her safety instructions. At 67% battery, I turn around and thank Him fervently and detach my cord. Slowly, we start to taxi down to the runway. I plug in my earphones, clasp my seatbelt and lean back to the strums of Careless Whisper as we finally take off.