Maggi in 4 New Flavors

There could be 4 reasons for any company to start new products or variants.

Fear of loosing customers.

Want to give something new to public.

Requirement /Demand from customers.

Fear of Competitors.

What could be Nestles reason to introduce these 4 new flavors?

I can say all the above 4 reasons led maggi to do this.

“We wanted to give MAGGI lovers even more ways to enjoy their favorite noodles. So, we launched ‘Masalas of India’ after extensive market and consumer research which led us to believe that locally inspired food with its own set of signature spices, which will give MAGGI local flavor from the region, will be a success. The success of our previously launched ‘MAGGI HOT HEADS’ also made us believe that our consumers are willing to experiment with MAGGI,” says Maarten Geraets, general manager, food, Nestle India, about the recently launched Masalas of India noodles range.

India is the one country where food is the major concern of people. In such a huge market Maggi was the only brand that ruled noodles market for more than a decade. From many years of its launch maggi never came-up with new flavors so soon. Now what made maggi to do this? Is that the fear of loosing market share. If I am not wrong Patanjali has now occupied 30% of noodles market in India. It would have been much better if Nestle comes up with some new campaigns around traditional maggi instead of continuously introducing new flavors. A brand should never loose their origin. They should concentrate more on their supply-chain. Before 3 years if I go to a near by petty shop I got that 10/- maggi that is not the situation now. Many shops have stopped selling that small maggi packets which is the breakfast/snack for many of us. The worst part is the top management at maggi are announcing that Maggi-Hot Heads is a hit product. Its a not at all a hit product. The public review for hot heads is- a kind of mixed reaction. I Hope at least these 4 new flavors help maggi to get back their lost market share.

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