Women in Space: Massive List of Journalists, Engineers, Writers, Professors, Researchers & Influencers covering Astronomy & Space Exploration

Tejaswi Raghurama
Feb 21, 2018 · 19 min read
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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

These are women who write, share and showcase their knowledge about astronomy and space. Traditionally the field has long been dominated by men. But these women are changing that. Fast.

These are just some of the women who spend most of their day travelling across the universe. They work hard to simplify an amazingly complicated yet beautiful space so that we can look up at the stars and find a source of limitless wonder.

All the credit for initiating the list building goes to Loren Grush (Science reporter at The Verge) and the community she activated.

Loren started a tweet storm on Feb 8, 2018 which turned out to be one of the most inspirational threads I have come across.

This list is an extension of that and how :) We have added researchers, outreach experts, engineers, authors and more. Here’s a list intended to be ever growing. A list of pioneers.

Feel free to add a comment with your suggestions and I will keep the list updated.

Reporters, Journalists and Media Professionals

  1. Emily Lakdawalla: Senior editor & Planetary evangelist at the Planetary Society.
  2. Alexandra Witze Correspondent for Nature
  3. Miriam Kramer Deputy science editor reporting on space for Mashable
  4. Nadia Drake: Contributing writer at National Geographic. Her twitter bio says she is obsessed with planets (and MOONS), supernovas and spiders :)
  5. Sarah Cruddas: Space journalist, broadcaster & author
  6. Shannon Stirone: Freelance writer and has written for Popular Science, Wired, TheAtlantic, NewRepublic & others
  7. Marcia Dunn: Journalist with Associated Press covering Space
  8. Sarah Laskow: Staff Writer at Atlas Obscura
  9. Marina Koren: Science reporter at The Atlantic
  10. Monica Young: As Sky & Telescope’s News Editor, Monica commissions, writes, and edits articles on the latest news in astronomy science, observing, and technology
  11. Dana Hull: Bloomberg autos/tech reporter covering SpaceX
  12. Irene Klotz: Space editor at Aviation Week
  13. Marcia Smith: Editor at SpacePolicyOnline.com
  14. Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber: @Reuters reporter in Moscow covering the intersection of sports, politics and business in Russia and the ex-Soviet space
  15. Emily Calandrelli: Correspondent for Bill Nye Saves The World. Host/EP for Xploration Outer Space
  16. Valerie Vlasenko: Space journalist out of Europe, curator of space events such as Arctic15, former space-lawyer and an active participant in the space industry.
  17. Sarah Rose Siskind: Writer for StarTalk w/ @NeilTyson
  18. Alex Stuckey: 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner who writes about NASA and the environment for @HoustonChron. Email her at alex.stuckey@chron.com or follow her @alexdstuckey.
  19. Nola Taylor Redd: Freelance science writer with a focus in space and astronomy. Has had articles in Sky & Telescope, Discover and New Scientist, Scientific American, Smithsonian, Space.com, LiveScience, and the now-defunct now.space.
  20. Swapna Krishna: Writes about space for Engadget, SYFY WIRE/Fangrrls, LA Times
  21. Taraustralis: Aussie/US TV Producer, adventure travel blogger. Tweets from 🚀space events around the world
  22. Sandhya Ramesh: Freelance science writer. Admin @GeoSciTweeps, @NewSpaceIndia
  23. Kim Kowal Arcand: Visualization Lead for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. Award-winning producer and director. Latest science book: “Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe”.
  24. Prof. Lisa Harvey-Smith: TV Presenter at Star Gazing in ABC, @AstroCourses
  25. Stacey Severn: Community Manager for Star Talk Radio
  26. Leah Crane: Space reporter, editor for New Scientist
  27. Jackie Wattles: CNN Money reporter, aims to write jargon-free news about rockets and space
  28. Nicole Mortillaro: Reporter at the CBC
  29. Candice Kilpatrick: Lead Editor at Space Nation Orbit — a one of a kind space lifestyle publication in the universe (that we know of).
  30. Elizabeth Howell: Space/science reporter, researcher and consultant at Space.com, NASA among others
  31. Becky Ferreira: Writer for Motherboard , VICE
  32. Shannon Hall: Freelance science journalist
  33. Jacqueline Klimas: National security reporter at @politico. Co-author of POLITICO Space.
  34. Chelsea Gohd: Science Writer covering everything from astrobiology to wildlife conservation technology
  35. Natalie Wolchover: Writer at Quanta Magazine, covering the universe
  36. Loren Grush: Science reporter at @verge. Host of #VergeSpaceCraft
  37. Mary Beth Griggs: Assistant Editor for Popular Science
  38. Sarah Lewin: Associate Editor Space.com. Previously @SciAm, @SciFri, and @IEEESpectrum
  39. Doris Elin Salazar: Science Contributing writer at Space.com and @LiveScience
  40. Melissa Hogenboom: Senior journalist @bbc_future. Webby & Kavli AAAS gold award winner.
  41. Sherry Valare: Writer/Photographer at RocketStem and AmericaSpace. Creator of DogParksOnMars.com
  42. Rachel Feltman: Chief Science Officer of the USS Popular Science
  43. Sarah Caplan: Science reporter at Washington Post
  44. Skylias: science geek, Twitch’s space broadcaster
  45. Alexandra Ogilvie: Science journalist at The Geek Wave
  46. Emily Rice: Astronomer at @csinews, @GC_CUNY, & @AMNH; #BDNYC & #CUNYAstro; @AstronomyOnTap. Host of StarTalk All-Stars
  47. Nora Bär: Scientific journalist, editor of Science and Health at La Nacion
  48. Erin Biba: Science Writer at BBC, Scientific American, PopSci, WIRED
  49. Lisa Grossman: Astronomy reporter at Science News
  50. Ute Gerhardt: Blogger at LEAVING ORBIT, documenting space travel in the 21st century.
  51. Nancy Atkinson: Space journalist for @universetoday & @Seeker Author of the book “Incredible Stories From Space”
  52. Sue Nelson: Science journalist Boffin Media, @SpaceBoffins podcast, former BBC science correspondent, author @WallyFunksSpace
  53. Rebecca Boyle: Writer, often at The Atlantic, New Scientist
  54. Mary Halton: She is a writer and journalist for BBC Science. Perpetually interested in where art and science meet. Space volcano enthusiast.
  55. Sarah Scoles: Sci writer, contributor at WIRED Science and Pop Science
  56. Emilee Speck: Space journalist at News 6WKMG, formerly Orlando Sentinel
  57. Abigail Harrison: Founder & President of @TheMarsGen & host of #AskAbbySpace & Science Show Wellesley ‘19
  58. Vanessa Hill: Science host & producer for PBS Digital Studios, @abc
  59. Eloisa Noble: Works in science & natural history documentaries. Recently of #onestrangerock, currently of #ABCstargazing.
  60. Raecation Paoletta: Space editor at Inverse
  61. Clara Moskowitz: Senior Editor at Scientific American, covering space & physics.
  62. Erin Blakemore: Journalist at JSTOR Daily, Washington Post , Smithsonian Magazine
  63. Calla Cofield: Science writer specialising in physics and space. Previously at space.com
  64. Emma Hollen: Editor, science journalist from France. Member of Café des Sciences
  65. Samantha Masunaga: Business reporter at @latimes covering the aerospace industry.
  66. Kelly M. Wright: Educator, Science Hour radio host, science blogger, & #citizenscience enthusiast.
  67. Natalie Starkey: Author of Catching Stardust, out in 2018. Host for @StarTalkRadio
  68. Hanneke Weitering: Staff writer at Space.com
  69. Michelle Starr: Senior Writer at Science Alert — they analyse and fact check to bring you the best in real, genuine scientific research.
  70. Marie Ange Sanguy: Editor in chief of Espace & Exploration
  71. Janna Levin: Astrophysicist and author. Host of StarTalk All-Stars.
  72. Georgia Lee: Writer / Producer on The Expanse
  73. Hallie Lambert: Writer on The Expanse

PR & Outreach Experts

  1. Bhagyshree Soni: Marketing, PR and Outreach at TeamIndus (A lunar expedition project)
  2. Michelle Thaller: Scientist, outreach person, appears on TV sometimes. Had serious geek cred before it was cool.
  3. Abi Scot: Photojournalist and marketeer for space events and earth sciences, works in media for promoting space. Sentinerd.
  4. Claire Mainstone: Space addict. STEM outreach in schools, community. Gives talks and educate people about @ESA. Volunteer for Hersmonseux Science Centre. Nurturing a future astro! (@Astronaut_Chloe)
  5. Brandi Dean: Tells people about the cool stuff @NASA is doing. Recently covered the Soyuz MS-09 launch to ISS.
  6. Athena Brensberger: Astrophysics raconteur. International model. Creator of http://Astroathens.com
  7. Kassie Perlongo: PR and marketing manager @Open_Cosmos
  8. Katja Presnal: Chief Marketing Officer of Space Nation. She is an American Advertising Award -winning marketing strategist who has worked with multiple Fortune 100 brands.
  9. Pranvera Hyseni: Founder and Director of Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo – which is the largest non-profit astronomy outreach program in Kosovo.
  10. Emily Furfaro: Social Media Specialist at NASA — National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  11. Monica Pascanu: Communication specialist @ESA & @SGAC. Interested in space, sustainable energy and cultural anthropology.
  12. Sarah McNulty: Public Affairs Officer at Kennedy Space Center.
  13. Alexandra Abrams: Communications @BlueOrigin. Previously comms at Boeing, GE. Space fan.
  14. Carolyn Pace: Business development at Astrobotic.
  15. Cara Giaimo: Staff writer @atlasobscura. Aspiring multi species ethnographer. Formerly @MIT_Sciwrite & @autostraddle
  16. Agnieszka Lukaszczyk: Head of EU Policy @ Planet. One of the most well established space companies in the world.
  17. Kate Arkless Gray : Head of Communications and Outreach at PTScientists. Company that makes Lunar Rovers and exploration crafts.
  18. Angela Gibson: Educator. #NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador. Dedicated to serving others & life-long learning. #Education #STEM #NASASocial
  19. Ashlie Smith: Girls STEM. Presenter. HESA alum ’15. SEEC Crew. CASIS teacher ambassador. Space Foundation Tchr Liaison. Alan Shepard Tech recipient.
  20. Karin Nilsdotter: CEO of Spaceport Sweden, Astropreneur, Senior Advisor & Keynote Speaker
  21. Jackie Faherty: She is an astrophysicist at @AMNH. Enthusiast for bringing the cosmos to the public @backyardworlds — a citizen science project.
  22. Emily L Judd: Graduate student in space sciences and engineering. STEAM outreach advocate.
  23. Sinead Borgersen: JPL NASA Solar System Ambassador
  24. Alice Sarkisian Wessen: *Share space science *Manages Solar System Exploration: NASA Science
  25. Olivia Haider: #simulateMars, #marstweetup organizer #spacetweetup attendee, responsible for @oewf social media , ISU alumni (SSP09), space geek girl
  26. Any Sue Bean: Daughter of Apollo 12 Moonwalker and Skylab Mission Commander (SL-3), Alan Bean. Tells the stories of the Space Race from the unique perspective.
  27. Maia Weinstock: Editor, writer, and producer of science and children’s media. @MIT News deputy editor; @MITWGSlecturer; @LegoNASAwomen creator; science writer.
  28. Kateřina Nedbalová: Copernicus/Galileo program, ESA, EC, EUMETSAT, ECMWF.
  29. Holly Griffith: Former Shuttle and ISS Mission Control flight controller, currently working in Safety for Orion. SXSW speaker. Usually talks about human space exploration, different vehicles, moon vs Mars, women in STEM.
  30. Erin Greeson: Communications consultant, Virgin Galactic & The Spaceship Company. Brand strategist for innovators, artists & sustainable industries. Was the Director of Communications at The Planetary Society
  31. Dr Ella Carlsson Sjöberg: Deputy Director for the Swedish Institute of Space Physics
  32. Rachel Ward-Maxwell: Staff Astronomer at the Ontario Science Centre with a passion for science outreach and communication.
  33. Jolanda Preusterink: Space educator — Cosmology, Astronomy, Space, Art & Science & Techn., Edutainment, sterrenwachtcopernicus.nl, ESA.
  34. Alexa Erdogan: An interdisciplinary scientist and science communicator. Science Content Producer @KnowingNeurons. Host/Producer @SynapsePod.
  35. Caitlin Ahrens: Astronomer. Geologist. NASA Solar System Ambassador. She loves to talk about Pluto, Mars, ice, earthquakes.
  36. Caley Burke: Caley analyzes launch vehicle trajectories for NASA and NOAA robotic spacecraft. She engages in space and science focused outreach, innovation, and social media.
  37. Ayla Grandpre: NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador. Brooke Owens Fellow ’18. Computer scientist and chemist.
  38. Courtney O’Connor: Manages public engagement for @NASAJuno @EuropaClipper @NASAPsyche
  39. Summer Ash: Director of Outreach for Columbia University’s Department of Astronomy. Her work has been published in The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Now.Space, Scientific American, Slate, and Nautilus.
  40. Jessie Hendricks: Science outreach film producer. Has worked with NOAA, NASA, Universities & Citizen Scientists. ​ Science producer, host & digital influencer for YouTube Channel Everyday Science
  41. Nujoud Merancy: Both as a member of the Orion team and through personal volunteer opportunities, she is an avid outreach speaker on space exploration, making engineering more understandable for all, and is devoted to encouraging youth to consider STEM.
  42. Magalie Renaud: EO/Space Utilization #SciComm @csa_asc. Formerly in charge of CSA’s Astronaut PR, Media Relations, Speakers Bureau.
  43. Pamela L. Gay: Communicating astronomy and life in academia 1 sidereal day at a time
  44. Veronica McGregor: News/Social Media manager for @NASAJPL. She also tweets as @MarsCuriosity & @AsteroidWatch
  45. Laura ten Bloemendal: Marketing and Relationship Manager at Science [&] Technology
  46. Paula Kiger: Ambassador at #NASASocial
  47. Tamela Maciel: Space Communications Manager. PhD astrophysicist. Science communicator. She is the Space Communications Manager at the National Space Centre in Leicester, England
  48. Jesse Shanahan: She is science communicator, specializing in public speaking, outreach, and consulting. An astrophysicist studying bulgeless galaxies & writing about space & linguistics for Forbes
  49. Carmen Felix: Mexican space professional. Deputy Manager for the Space Safety Magazine and the National Point of Contact in Mexico for Space Generation. She is driven by space exploration and human spaceflight
  50. Vinita Marwaha Madill: Space Operations Engineer @esa. Founder http://Rocket-Women.com where she interviews successful women from the space industry, technology, aerospace and science research.

Researchers, Writers & Influencers

  1. Mika McKinnon: Scifi science consultant, science writer
  2. Amy Shira Teitel: Space flight historian
  3. Amara Graps: Baltic Space Entrepreneur. Occasional asteroid miner. Detangler of post-Soviet disorder.
  4. Libby Jackson: Author of ‘A Galaxy Of Her Own’ & ‘Galaxy Girls’. Human Spaceflight & Microgravity Programme Manager at @spacegovuk.
  5. Jane MacArthur: Aplanetary scientist studying martian meteorites and comet samples from the NASA Stardust mission at University of Leicester. Writer @PopAstro
  6. Andrea Diamond: VP of education and research at Steam Enrichment Inc. Educator at JPL.
  7. Carrie Nugent: Assistant Professor of computational physics and planetary science at Olin College of Engineering. TED Senior Fellow. Author of “Asteroid Hunters”. Host and Producer of Spacepod, a podcast that features casual conversations with astronomers, planetary scientists and engineers.
  8. Sheyna Gifford: Physician, Simulated Astronaut, Researcher, and science writer.
  9. Jane Houston Jones: Astronomer, science podcaster, writer, engagement/communications artisan @NASAJPL, cosmic storyteller.
  10. Katie Mack: Astrophysicist, occasional freelance science writer
  11. Cynthia Phillips: NASA JPL Scientist who studies Ocean Worlds, Europa in particular!
  12. Ariel Waldman: NASA advisor, Author of What’s It Like in Space?: Stories from Astronauts Who’ve Been There and founder of Spacehack.org
  13. Alice Gorman: Space archaeologist: orbital debris, terrestrial launch sites, antennas, planetary landing sites, and popular culture.
  14. Magdalena Pfaffl: Researches how to build villages on Mars
  15. Cosmic Carol: She is an astronomer, cosmic guide, writer and presenter.
  16. Sumen Rai: Working in government to build partnerships between researchers, industry and education for economic and social development; space-derived open data research & NASA Space Apps Challenge host and mentor.
  17. Vera Gutman: Space Engineer. @ISU_SSP #SSP15 alumni. SGAC member. Program Manager at NSLComm
  18. Rose DF: Space BioPhysics | Inclusive + accessible education booster | Science Evangelist
  19. Lisa Messeri: Anthropologist and historian of sci & tech. Assistant Professor @Yale. Researches space and virtual reality. Author of
    ‘Placing Outer Space’
  20. Sarah Noble: A lunar geologist studying lunar soil to unravel the mysteries of space weathering. In her paintings she tries to convey the joy and wonder of space exploration.
  21. Dorit Donoviel: Director of the NASA funded translational research institute for Space health and Professor of Space Medicine at Baylor college of Medicine.
  22. Lauren Weiss: PhD, astronomer, exoplaneteer, astroboffin, exoplanet blogger, Trottier Fellow at the Institute for Research on Exoplanets.
  23. Tracy Karin Prell: Board Member Skyscrapers, MARS Gen Space Camp, Higher Orbits, AOK, MAP 2030, IDA & Planetary Society
  24. Kate Doolan: Author or Fallen Astronauts: Heroes Who Died Reaching for the Moon. Kate Doolan is a longtime space researcher, writer and member of the Space Association of Australia.
  25. Stephanie Juneau: Associate Astronomer at @NOAONorth. Member of @NOAODataLab team.
  26. Michelle Rouch: Vice Chair AIAA Tucson Section. Systems Engineer & Astronomical Artist.
  27. Bethany Downer: Sci & tech communicator for #Space | MSc in Space Studies | World’s Top 24 in #STEM & Space 2018 | Managing @ReachSpaceSci | @SGAC
  28. Shelli Brunswick: Chief Operating Officer at the Space Foundation and Chair for Women in Aerospace.
  29. Elizabeth Tasker: Associate professor at the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in Japan. Her writing has appeared in ‘Scientific American’, ‘space.com’ among others. Check out her book on planet building and exoplanets, ‘The Planet Factory’.
  30. Hayley Lewis: ERAU Spaceflight Operations May 2018; The Mars Generation Advisory Board
  31. Stephanie Hamilton: Studies the Kuiper Belt with the Dark Energy Survey. Scicomm enthusiast, @astrobites author. Blogs here.
  32. Charity Weeden: Clearing the way for a successful space economy
  33. Lisa Ruth Rand: PhD historian of science, technology, and the environment. Postdoc at @UWMadison. Outer Space Oscar the Grouch.
  34. Amber Straughn: Astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She studies how stars and black holes form in distant galaxies. She also does extensive public speaking and media appearances.
  35. Laura Seward Forczyk: Founder at Astralytical and GA Space Alliance
  36. Sophia: Traveling as Biologist 1st, Science Writer (#spaceflight) 🚀2nd, Advocate 3rd| @GirlScouts & @UN_CSW | @CosmicChicago w/ @chicagonow
  37. Elisa Quintana: Astrophysicist at NASA Goddard. TESS Support Scientist, WFIRST Deputy Project Scientist for Communications. Obsessed with space rocks.
  38. Alessondra Springmann: Asteroids, comets, sounding rockets, @AreciboRadar
  39. Anna Wieger: Student of space policy with dreams of the stars
  40. Michelle L.D. Hanlon: A space lawyer. She is a Co-Founder of For All Moonkind, Inc. and a founding partner of ABH Aerospace, LLC. Focus of her research was on commercial space and the intersection of commerce and public law.
  41. Cheryl Lawson: Author. Love space, science and tech. First Sci-fi thriller — We Are Mars is available now!
  42. Trina Ray: Voyager to Cassini — 28 years at JPL and loving it.
  43. Dr. Jessie Christiansen: Staff Scientist at the NASA Exoplanet Archive. NASA Staff Scientist. #WomenInStem advocate
  44. Amber Hornsby: PhD student based in the Astronomy Instrumentation Group at Cardiff University. Astrobites author and regularly contributes to the Society for Popular Astronomy
  45. Morgan Cable: Scientist at NASA JPL, searching for life and interesting chemistry in the solar system and beyond.
  46. Alexandra Holloway: Writing code for space robots, managing data for Mars Science Laboratory, and imagining the future of Deep Space Network operations.
  47. Lucianne Walkowicz: Chair of Astrobiology @librarycongress studying ethics of Mars exploration, astronomer @AdlerPlanet
  48. Sophia Nasr: Astroparticle physicist working on dark matter. PhD student @UCIrvine. On a mission to captivate the world w/ physics, one particle at a time.
  49. Margaret Lazarus Dean: Writer of Leaving Orbit: Notes from the Last Days of American Spaceflight & The Time It Takes to Fall. Professor Dean teaches fiction writing and creative nonfiction writing at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  50. Jedidah Isler: Observational astrophysicist. Founder and host at VanguardSTEM. TED fellow.
  51. Hannah: Tweets about space, beer, aviation, science, psychology, arcades, travel, cars & well, all that is fun!
  52. Angela P-Swafford: Science, space, env. & exploration journalist, author. Antarctic explorer. Lecturer, editor & consultant. Knight Fellow ‘2001 MIT
  53. Upulie Divisekera: Space | Astropalaeontology | Co-founder, Real Scientists
  54. Dr. Johanna K. Teske: Studying chemical environments for planet formation and the compositions of exoplanets. Cares deeply about making science more inclusive and supportive of a diverse community. Learn more about her research, teaching and outreach here.
  55. Vera Pinto G.: Policy analyst currently working at the European Satellite Navigation Programs (Galileo & EGNOS) at the European Commission. She is also a member of the History Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics.
  56. Lynda Lovon: Physicist, planetary space ecologist, writer
  57. Ailyn Marie: Creator of @InspiredByScience on Instagram. Published Photographer. STEM & Space Advocate. Covered Orion’s EFT-1 launch, the International Astronautical Congress, and the Science March
  58. Cassie Rose: Content developer for the @TheStarLetters and Second Firsts
  59. Kristen Cote: MSc. student in Earth and Space Science @LassondeSchool, @UAlbertaastrophysics alum
  60. Jillian Scudder: Studies galaxies & writer at Astro Quizzical (appearing in Forbes)
  61. Christina R.: Planetary Scientist/Astrophysicist
  62. Rachel Barry: Writer • Editor • Social Media Pro • Space Geek • Science Lover
  63. Nix: Astronomy, Photography, Satellite hunter. Planetary Society member.
  64. Kassie Brabaw: Contributing Writer at space.com
  65. Belladonna Stofiel: 3d printing,drones and head intern at Stofiel Aerospace!
  66. Tanya Harrison: Web Editor @exploreplanets, current/former sci team @MarsRovers, @MarsCuriosity & Mars Recon Orbiter
  67. Catherine Q: Astrophysicist, science communicator. One of The Huffington Post Science Top 30 Physicists to follow.
  68. Emily Carney: Writer/author, named by NSS as one of the Top Ten Definitive Space Influencers. Founded Space Hipsters
  69. Mary Lynne Dittmar: Prez/CEO Coalition Deep Space Exploration; @NASA advisor; @NASciences Space Studies Board
  70. Heather Archuletta: Tweets mostly about space, science and space again
  71. Lynn Sherr: Author of SALLY RIDE: America’s First Woman in Space
  72. Caroline Geraghty: #AutismAwareness / #ADHDawareness Mum to 8yr old #Astronaut_Hayden /Space/Astronomy/Photography /News Editor @AstronomyIRL /Outreach #TMG #LottieDolls 🌟🚀
  73. Florence Porcel: Brings news of the sciences of the universe and the space. Has her own YouTube channel. A must watch.
  74. Carolyn Porco: Planetary scientist. Sr Editor in astrobiology journal. Host of StarTalk All-Stars.
  75. Payton Barnwell: Her experiences include NASA funded radiation resistance research and a summer at Kennedy Space Center with #spaceplants
  76. Caleigh MacPherson: Robot builder, Mechanical Engineer, NASA Social alum, Sci-Fi geek extraordinaire. Blogs at ScottishRobot
  77. Megan Watzke: Author & science communicator. Her newest book, “Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe” is now on sale
  78. Jessica A. Harris: STEAM Education Program Development Officer @theNRAO| #SciComm| #BlackandSTEM
  79. Isabelle: Space engineer and space geek. Author at Rêves d’Espace author. Writer @spaceexplore. Has 2 zero g flights to her credit!
  80. Alice Thomas: Member of Café des Sciences. Has her own YouTube channel where she talks and draws about space
  81. Andrea Boyd: Only Australian working in the International Space Station Flight Control worldwide. One of the few voices astronauts hear in space.
  82. Carolyn Collins Petersen: CEO of Loch Ness Productions. She has authored 7 books, plus produced more than 30 documentaries
  83. Susanne Auer: Writes about exploration, science, launchers with a special focus on European developments
  84. Dr Jackie Bell: Space and Physics Project Manager at The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres and Trainee Astronaut
  85. Harriet Brettle: Planetary Sciences graduate student at the California Institute of Technology. She is the Strategic Partnerships Team coordinator of the Space Generation Advisory Council.
  86. Kellie Gerardi: 🚀 Space & Defense Strategist 👩🏽‍🚀 Scientist-Astronaut Candidate @PossumAstronaut 🇺🇸 NatSec DefCon Member Truman Project
  87. Whitney: Space blogger, aerospace enthusiast and passionate about everything related to space in general. Her blog: Houston We Have a Problem
  88. Tracy Thompson: Lover of all things astronomy, science, engineering, art, psychology, 80's/90's
  89. Yvette Gonzalez: Human Resilience Expert | Scientist-Astronaut Candidate | Astropreneur | Civ-Mil Project Design | Community Stabilization
  90. Sherie Beth: Passionate about Planetary Science, geoscience, astronautics & rockets 🚀 #space #STEMinist
  91. Heather D. Smith: #SpaceTweep. @FSCJ_Official / @UofNorthFlorida & #NASASocial alum
  92. Kristine Sigsbee: Rocket Scientist, Speaks in Technobabble, Space Weather, Physics
  93. Jennifer Mayo: Science Education Specialist. Education Leader & Researcher. Teacher. STEAM & Arts Integration.
  94. Kristen Facciol: Aerospace engineer. Mission Controller. #Astronaut Trainer. Currently at NASA.
  95. Dr. Camille Alleyne: A rocket engineer, space scientist, internationally-acclaimed speaker, writer, educational leader and science ambassador.
  96. Karen Rucker: NASA KSC Pathways Intern 🚀 Twitter influencer sharing awesome news from NASA launches and missions.
  97. Heidi Thiemann: Manages @spacecareersuk. 2017/18 Exec of @UKSEDS. Senior Mentor at @SpaceSchoolUK.

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Engineers, Professors & Spacecraft Operations

  1. Annie Meier: Explore, solve, discover, be curious. Citizen of 🌎. Views are my own.Engineer at SpaceX.
  2. Dr. Anita Sengupta: Senior VP, Aerospace engineer, pilot, professor, rocket science of @NASA, #Dawn #MarsCuriosity. Featured in ‘Amazing Stories of Women in Space'
  3. Kiri Wagstaff: Machine learning researcher and Mars Opportunity Rover tactical uplink lead at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  4. Danna Linn Barnett: PhD student. A satellite system and space engineer.
  5. Molly Bittner: Aerospace Engineer on Europa Clipper. Launch and Deployments Lead at NASA JPL.
  6. Kaci Heins: Education Manager @SpaceCenterHouston, former Science teacher that loves learning, life, and NASA!Tess Caswell: Engineer, geologist, ISS ETHOS, Flight controller and future space traveller.
  7. Lauren Lyons: @Princeton MAE & @Harvard @Kennedy_School. Former entrepreneur, medical device engineer, teacher, and writer.
  8. Dr. Niamh Shaw: Engineer, scientist and performer! She presents the human story of science, creating theatre shows, etc. She has set herself a life’s mission to get to space, as artist and explorer.
  9. Shannon Cofield: Mars2020 landing site working group at NASA JPL.
  10. Natalie Panek: Rocket Scientist. She builds space robots. Working on the ExoMars rover.
  11. Dawn Sumner: Curious geologist and professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at UCDavis
  12. Giulia Bassani: Aspiring #ESA astronaut and current aerospace engineering student (PoliTO). Author of @AdMartem12.
  13. Mary Rosema: Systems Engineer/Project Manager — Huge astronomy/space program supporter
  14. Christina Díaz: NASA JPL instrument engineer on the Mars 2020 Payload team.
  15. Christine Nobbe: In teaching, she focuses on STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art/design, and technology; she explores a Return to the Moon and robotics with students of all ages.
  16. Norah Patten: Aeronautical Engineer | Entrepreneur | Faculty @ISUnet | Scientist-Astronaut Candidate @PoSSUMAstronaut | Speaker | Founder @PlanetZebunar@InspireSpace
  17. Steph Evz: Engineer. Rocket scientist. Satellite builder. Creator of @TheSTEMulus and it’s YouTube Channel.
  18. Emily Gleeson: PhD student in Aerospace Engineering. STEM blogger — Space Broaddity. Dream Job: Astronaut
  19. Sarah Hörst: Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences @JohnsHopkins
  20. Kimberly Maxwell: Part of the Mars Curiosity uplink team at NASA JPL.
  21. Emily L Judd: @UMich space sci/engineering & #NASAIntern. @TheMarsGen, @UCF, @NASASocial, @sedsusa
  22. Astronaut Woman: NASA KSC Shuttle/Ares 1-X/Expendables Fluids & Quality Engineer, ERAU Alumni, SWE, photography, flying airplanes & traveling the world!
  23. Kim Steadman: Engineer at NASA JPL working on the Mars Science Laboratory and the Mars 2020 Rover.
  24. Shahida Barick: Head of Spacecraft Operations at Effective Space UK. She was the youngest and only female Operations Director during the British military satellite launch campaigns.
  25. Sarah Milkovich: Science Operations Lead for NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover. Previously on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/HiRISE, Curiousity, Cassini, Mars Phoenix.
  26. Suzy R Cunningham: Aerospace engineer (It IS Rocket Science 🚀), NASA Strategy & Integration Manager.
  27. Jayne Birkby: Assistant Professor at the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy (API), University of Amsterdam.
  28. Naia Butler-Craig: Aerospace Engineering. NASA Glenn Research Center | future astronaut. #BlackGirlsinSTEM
  29. Diana Trujillo: Mission Lead for Mars Curiousity.
  30. Vandi Verma: Rover Driver, space robotics, and software enthusiast.
  31. Lucie Poulet: #CNES PhD student at Institut Pascal trying to grow vegetables off-Earth #ISUnet #SSP12 #Purdue #MDRS #HISEAS. #ZeroG girl
  32. Kristina Gonzalez: Fluids Engineer @NASA. Proud feminist & STEM advocate. Unabashed ENTJ.
  33. Aline Decadi: Rocket engineer with @ESA on Ariane 6. Board member at French @MarsSociety, Mars analog missions @OeWF and ZeroG flights. She writes about space @NewSpace_JRNL. Has her own YouTube channel with videos about technology and space.
  34. Anna Wieger: Space Policy student at The Elliott School of International Affairs and Intern at NASA
  35. Keri Bean: NASA Rey. Mars rover driver in training for @MarsRovers. Science ops for NASA’s TIE Fighter @NASA_Dawn.
  36. Hallie Gengl: Driving a Mars Rover on the rim of Endeavour Crater and Martian landscape photographer in Gale Crater. Engineer @NASAJPL.
  37. Chantelle: Robotics Engineering Intern @csa_asc | Recipient of the @SGAC Pioneer Award | Comp. Eng. @UM_ECE
  38. spasmunkey: Associate Scientist, International Space Station with CASIS. Doctorate in physiology. I ❤️ science, airplanes, hiking, sloths, monkeys, and Star Wars movies.
  39. Kayla LaFrance: Living her dream everyday at NASA JSC Mission Control.
  40. Paula: Aero Engineering, Astro, Space tech & Planetary Science studies #spaceengineering Late to the space party🤘🏻✨ #Europa #Enceladus #moonbase #STEM #UK
  41. Nettie Roozeboom: Aerospace Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center — #WomanInStem EdTech Advocate — @ThePocketLab
  42. Danielle DeLatte: Aerospace Engineer with a fondness for robotics, human space flight, and international relations
  43. Makiah Eustice: TAMU’s SEDS President and an aspiring flight test engineer and astronaut
  44. Isabelle Tremblay: Director, Astronauts, Life sciences and Space Medicine | Canadian Space Agency | Lead Engineer, Phoenix Mars Lander, James Webb Space Telescope
  45. Janet Vertesi: Asst. Prof. of Sociology at Princeton U. Science, Technology & Society; sociology of planetary science. Author of Seeing Like a Rover
  46. Nagin: Curiosity Rover Mission Lead at NASA/JPL: NASA & US State Dept speaker. Former USAF. Cornellian. 2nd generation Indian immigrant.
  47. Mamta Patel Nagaraja: Mamta Patel Nagaraja is an American engineer. She has degrees in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering.

Artists, Photographers & Illustrators

  1. Abby Garrett: STEM Communicator, pro artist/illustrator, creator of Go For Launch comics. Her amazing artwork is here. She posts amazing stop motion and time lapse footage of her artwork on her YouTube channel.
  2. Sarah Jane Pell: Independent artist commercial diver, explorer and researcher of new worlds. Astronaut Candidate #ProjectPoSSUM Commercial Diver #ProjectPOSEIDON SIM Astronaut #ProjectMoonwalkEU
  3. Beth Kerner: Freelance illustrator who loves space. Check out her work promoting science and space here.
  4. Juleah Kaliski: Amateur Astronomer. Artist & Graphic Designer. Fashionable tees for the modern astronomer and space nerd. Student Space Ambassador at @TheMarsGen
  5. Julia Bergeron: Launch junkie and STEM/STEAM supporter. Home of Pocket Tory Bruno. Amateur photographer of local launches.
  6. Sarah Rivera Corrice: Photographer

Fans on Social Media, Community Moderators

  1. Natalie: Loves space, biology, anything science. She comes to Twitter to geek out.
  2. Lois Huneycutt: Moderator of Space Hipsters group of facebook with ~15000 members.
  3. Lizzie Marshall: Mum to Seth @AstroSciSeth
  4. Samara Nagle: 2018 ACEAP ambassador and autographer.
  5. Kathy Kerner: Social Media Coordinator for Rose City Astronomy. Metalsmith, aspiring scientist and engineer, and lover of all things nerdy.
  6. Rachelle Williams: Blogs at AstroAnarchy. Promoting space travel, amateur astronomers/astrophotographers and astronomy.
  7. Maria König: Studied graphic design — art direction. Very interested in all the ‘universal, black and starry’ things on and bejond our little earth. Curiosity is the drive!
  8. Laura Hudak Lowery: Moderator and influencer in 15,000+ strong Facebook group: Fallen Astronauts. She is inspired by her father and uncle — retired engineers from @NASA.
  9. Michele Frame: I love all things space. Sea Shepherd- Dallas Chapter, ESL teacher K-4 and adult ESL teacher- Wylie ISD, Period Drama Fanatic, History lover.

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