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Well, Design Thinking is definitely not a new word in the dictionary. But surely it is the one which recently has created a buzz in various sectors across the globe.

Talking about an innovator, this concept is all about putting forth an approach which minimizes variability and the risk of innovation. With design thinking, the focus is shifted to rapid iterations and active participation of the customers thereby helping you address the root cause and help you deliver what the end-user actually needs.

Infusing the business with a design-oriented approach which keeps the customer in the driver seat may not only give measurable and real-time results but will also give a striking competitive edge.

Many big corporations like Apple, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, and IBM. Design thinking is what has enabled these large corporations to outperform other companies on the S&P 500 for the past ten years by more than 200%

Design thinking is not an individual effort — that’s why it is especially good for big companies. It involves collaborations between marketing managers, professionals, and business owners,

Here is an outline of how they solve complex tasks using design thinking:

  • First, you should employ empathy. This is the development of a deep understanding of the human needs that are in play.
  • The next step is to look at problems from a new light by involving human-centric methods.
  • Ensure that you come up with multiple ideas during the sessions.
  • Next, come up with a prototype, which is a miniature version of the new product or feature.
  • Finally, carry out rigorous tests on the finished product or feature, and make changes where necessary.

It is interesting to see that there are many companies now are approaching the functions of the respective team and organization with a design approach. The companies and organizations that have been working for years together now are slowly adapting to the design methodologies. Also, this has to lead a great space for the startups and other new-age businesses to build it from scratch. Similarly, the top companies such as IBM, Fidelity, Infosys, Intuit and MassMutual have successfully laid a strong foundation with the design thinking.

They find huge impact and potential with the clients and customers. Now with the internal administration, they lead a strong successful design thinking program for the employers as well.

The current scenario is most enterprises (large organizations) are acquiring established and promising start-ups to manifest their adoption of design thinking as an integral part of their operations. However, some companies are also creating design-thinking labs that are transforming the way business is being operated.

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