Let’s P.O.U.R. it all out in A11y

“Our goal is to make sure our website, apps, and services don’t disable people.” — James Knight


  • A screen reader announces specific elements such as buttons and headers along with their level (h1, h2, h6, etc.)
  • For images, screen readers attempt to read out a description of the image (alt text) if one is provided. If not, the file name of the image is used instead.
  • Most screen readers ignore non-semantic elements, such as divs and spans.


  • Is it always clear where you are on a page (i.e., the focus state)?
  • Can you interact with all the controls you normally would — things like menus, buttons, and drop-downs?
  • Is it possible to skip irrelevant or repetitive sections easily, such as the header or navigation, via a skip link (“Skip to Menu”)?
  • And what about hotkeys?Like using the backspace key instead of the back button.


  • Is your language too esoteric
  • Is your functionality obscured by the use of non-standard icons?




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