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Note: Every month I publish an article on a featured entrepreneur for a series called Entrepreneur Stories. This month, Shama Hyder from the Marketing Zen Group is the featured entrepreneur.

I remember, in a lifetime a long time ago, finding the website for Shama Hyder. She was (and still is) engaging, fun, charming and really knew her stuff.

She had instant credibility as an online marketing and social media expert. I was trying to learn about those two for the websites I had, and I read everything she wrote.

That included buying a copy of her first book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing when it was an e-book.

Yup, that’s how far back I go following Shama.

Shama’s thoughts helped form my philosophy, early on, for social media marketing as well as online marketing, and, as I have learned more from other experts in the field, it lines up with what the best say.

Zen of Social Media Marketing

That is my way saying that she was a “virtual mentor” for me early on.

Frankly, Shama is probably the reason I signed up with Twitter.

Shama is a “feel good” American success story. Her parents immigrated when she was a little girl and she used hard work, intellect, and perseverance to graduate from the University of Texas with a Master’s degree.

Since then she started her own company, Marketing Zen Group, and has become one of the most recognized faces of entrepreneurship in the digital marketing age. Her successearned her then names “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and “Millennial Master of the Universe” by

Hyder is a member of the Young Entrepreneurship Council where she has the chance to mentor young entrepreneurs across the globe.

She is a thought leader. As a result, you see her writing articles, producing web TV shows, and being interviewed as a guest expert by numerous media outlets.

Recently, Shama came out with her second book, Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age. I had a chance to dive in and see what she has to say in her second book.

Book review

The book Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age by Shama Hyder was published in May 2016. It is Shama’s second book.

Disclaimer: BenBella Books, the publisher of the book, gave me a copy to review for this article.

Book Summary

In this book, Shama shows how a complete integration of marketing includes both traditional and digital marketing methods.

She lays out the case that businesses can longer afford to do one or the other, and I think she is right.

Momentum is gained when a company utilizes all the sources at their disposal to promote their message and integrating the techniques to help one another rather than being separated.

Businesses gain momentum when they use the tactics together and she proposes five different principles of the approach.

The five principles include:

  • Agility Through Analytics
  • Customer Focus
  • Integration
  • Content Curation
  • Cross-Pollination

Shama does a fantastic job of communicating the theory, providing a foundation, and providing both real-world examples and practical takeaways.

She provides examples of companies who are executing the new approach to marketing as well as how a fictional company might use the approach to market their product. In addition, she lists a lot of tools and several practical takeaways in each chapter.

Hyder finishes with a chapter on measuring Return on Investment. There is also a companion publication which businesses can use to help put into action the principles from the book.

I can see leaders from a company take a retreat, study the book together and use it to help boost digital marketing efforts.

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