What You Need to Know about Patent Lawyer Nigeria

Applying for a patent does not always require the service of a lawyer. An ordinary person can even process the patent application on his own. Compared to hiring the service of a lawyer, applying for a patent on your own is substantially cheaper.

In Nigeria, most companies hire Patent Lawyer Nigeria to protect their patents and other intellectual properties. This is because the grant of patent in Nigeria is a bit risky compared to the grant of patent in other countries.

The Nigerian Patent System is not so stringent in verifying the novelty of the invention. The Registrar who will examine the patent application will usually rely upon the requirements submitted by the applicant. They will only verify if all of the requirements submitted are in compliance with the law. The registrar will not conduct a substantive examination of the specifications of the invention. The Registrar will not even require any notice for opposition of the application before the granting of patent. This is advantageous for those who want an easy way out because they just need to comply with all the requirements. However, this may put them in a risk in the long run.

If another party will claim rights to the same invention which was registered earlier, the inventor may be sued for patent infringement. The inventor will be in the least favorable position since the earlier applicant has a better right. To avoid this circumstance, Patent Attorney Nigeria is hired to support the applicant in every step.

Small businesses tend to be hesitant in hiring patent lawyers in Nigeria because of the substantial fee that the lawyers charge. However, the amount of fee must not be the only factor to be considered when deciding whether or not a patent lawyer should be hired. The benefits of hiring a lawyer may exceed the cost that may be incurred.

In order to properly weigh the cost-benefit of hiring a patent lawyer, the value of the invention to be patented must always be considered. Provided that the invention has met all the requirements of patentability, the economic benefits that can be derived from the invention should be considered. This includes the profits that one may get if the patent holder will sell the license of the patent.

If the benefits substantially exceed the cost of the services, a patent lawyer must be hired. This will not only make it easier for the applicant but this will also guarantee better protection of his/her rights. Patents are good for twenty years. This length of time is more than enough to derive substantial profit from the patent. However, this will also be the length of time in which the inventor can be exposed to litigation for patent infringement. If a patent lawyer is consulted even at the beginning of the registration, there will be guarantee of more profits rather than risks.

If the benefits will not exceed the cost of hiring a Patent Attorney Nigeria, the inventor may still consider the service of a lawyer. Many patent lawyers in Nigeria will also try to negotiate and base their fees on the value of the invention itself. They may not demand too much for small or start up businesses.

When dealing with patents, it is still best to hire the services of Patent Lawyer Nigeria. They are the ones who know the technicalities of patent laws and cases. Their fees may sound expensive but patent litigations are even more expensive. No one will ever regret investing in a patent lawyer.