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How Your Self-Worth is Keeping You Broke

Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

So many people have goals to “finally be financially free,” “become wealthy,” “win the lottery and never go to work again.” It makes sense, no one really wants to struggle financially; it’s difficult, stressful, and no fun at all. So, how come we get caught up in this cycle of wishing for wealth without being able to manifest it? How come year after year, financial abundance seems out of reach?

It’s easy to blame circumstance for financial lack. Often, we overlook a critical component of financial success: self-worth.

Self-worth is how you see yourself in the world and how you feel you should be treated based on the value that you create. Self-worth is how you treat and talk to yourself everyday. Self-worth causes you to make decisions about what you are willing to accept and what you won’t tolerate. Self-worth causes you to raise or lower your standards.

Having a strong, positive sense of self-worth is the key to creating wealth and abundance.

When you believe that you are worthy, you ask for the raise, charge your clients in accordance to your merit, and ensure that your financial house is built on solid foundation.

Let’s clear up one misconception — having a high sense of self-worth doesn’t mean being entitled or arrogant. Entitlement is believing that you deserve something because of “who you are,” even though you haven’t worked for it or added anything worthwhile . Arrogance is low-vibration insecurity masked as pride. Possessing a strong sense of self-worth is understanding that your unique value to this world and protecting it. It is being humble enough to continuously do the work to increase that value; it is also being audacious enough to celebrate and command respect for what you create everyday.

Think about your sense of self-worth in the context of money. Do you view yourself as a “broke person?” Is your internal guiding system telling you that you are only worth taking a low-end job, living paycheck to paycheck, and keeping your financial house in disarray? Is impostor syndrome preventing you from asking your clients for a fee that is based on the value that you truly provide? Do you neglect opportunities to build wealth and abundance because you feel like you just “aren’t” worth it?

Or, is your internal guiding system informing you that you are someone who respects and values money? You are the type of person that increases their skills to earn a high-paying job. You do an excellent job and provide so much value to your clients that you can command a high fee. You spend the time and effort investing in financial education because you are worth it. You are worth the abundance that financial mastery creates.

To achieve financial success, update your internal operating system to align your self-worth to be deserving of wealth. You’ll make the decisions and do the work to attract wealth, instead of only wishing for it.