How I started reading 1 book per 2 weeks ? Part-I

At first, I was enthralled by the great quotes about what people say about books. After, several days of research and homework I’m animating things that I did to skim books and assemble myself to read atleast 50 pages each day.

1. Keep yourself motivated.

Watch motivational and persuasive videos everyday. Trust me,clinging to YouTube for hours together in a day is like a NSA’s covert mission that’s incarcerating your time mysteriously. Instead subscribe to these channels of motivational speakers like Jay Shetty(The invisible world) In one of his videos he says that” Failures are the doorkeepers of success” . And another channel of the Discovery News Brain Games host @Jason Silva’s(Shots of awe) finally @Be Inspired(Anonymous). These people make sure that I’m never prosaic and indifferent. I save these videos in YouTube offline and whenever anything that is making me a bit humdrum. I will tug these videos along with my headphones and forget the rest of the world. Booooom! At the end of the propelling session I’m ready to face the odds.

2. Start with minor.

In my case I started reading by first reaping out with my non detail ”Trailblazers”,and later Secret by Rhonda Byrne.In your case it can be an article on a blog,or an article of your favorite magazine. Try to read small nonfiction books that can light up the darkest corner in you that loves to read books. My first nonfiction was BOLD by Peter H diamandis.

3. A distraction less locale.

When ever I start reading a book according to my daily itinerary, I keep my phone on airplane mode strictly. In the worse distraction full environment around us filled with WhatsApp,Facebook,Snapchat,Instagram notifications. If you have to concentrate and instil the habit of reading you have to cheer up to your 1 hour tech-less and distraction less setting.

These are the top three fundamental and crucial cues that has galvanized me to read more and more books, All the greatest wealthiest and successful people in the world read alot of books.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the 5 persons you are with” now imagine if you’re staying with the biographies and bibliographies of great people for an hour or two in your day,it means that you are staying with them. And according to what Author and artist Austin Kleon says in his best seller ”steal like an artist” if you stay with great people you steal their qualities and it’s absolutely okay to steal things unless you make a perfect copy, and good news is that a human mind is not capable of making a perfect copy.

Thank you,I really want you all to get involved in this conversation where we can talk about great ideas and ways to chase your dreams. And make this world a better place to live.


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