Is happiness an inside job ? Know it.

According to BBC 30 billion WhatsApp messages are sent across the world and still 48% of people feel alone.

Will Wealth and prosperity gives us happiness ? I think in our pursuit of making money and success,the real meaning of happiness is blurred and diluted.

If you look the meaning of happiness in dictionary,it says It’s a feeling of contentment. Are we feeling content while going to school ? Well an article in Forbes magazine States that happiest people more likely drop out of school and earn less money. This manifests the real meaning of being happy.

Implicitly,90% of the things that we buy are to impress people we don’t like or overhaul them.

You must be too busy on forging your own grass to notice someone else’s is greener.

Being happy is an inside job.

Happiness is a feeling of well-being we get when we are around people we love,like our family and friends and more precisely our loved ones.

About 69% of the smokers in the world want to quit completely. Are you happy while you’re smoking ? 48% people don’t even know how they feel when they’re smoking. It decreases your life span by 11 minutes every time you smoke a cigarette. Then why are you smoking ? Because you still don’t know where to find happiness. You find happiness inside.

58% of the successful entrepreneurs still suffer from depression. They have money and are successful why aren’t they happy ? Rather monks living with as little as 1% of the provisions and prerequisites we have tend to live more happily than us.

Checkout the story of World’s happiest person,A Monk.

So what do you do to discover happiness ?

As Gautama Buddha says “There’s no path to happiness,but happiness itself is a path.”

I say that don’t assign anything in your life that can manipulate and employ your happiness. I choose to be happy. So do you. Here are the rudimentary things that I follow to be happy.

  • Do what you love. Don’t know it yet ? Chase, until you find it.
  • Treat yourself with kindness.
  • Be truly present.
  • Create something.
  • Learn from mistake.First time is a mistake,Second time its a choice.
  • Make new friends.
  • Appreciate and affirm what you have.
  • Confide in trustworthy people.
  • Slow down.
  • Ask for help when you want it.


Famous Actor and impressionist Jim Carry said everyone must become Rich and successful just to know that it’s not the answer.
Howard Hughes one of the wealthiest person on the planet was asked 1 week before he died by a newspaper reporter on the phone “ are you happy ?” For which he said “Naaah. I can’t say that I’m happy”. All that money doesn’t make you happy, all that all that pleasure won’t make you happy ? Neither fame or power can bring happiness. Unless you find happiness within your own self.

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Peace ✌

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