How XR with AI Can Help For Solving All The Life’s Blunders?

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I spend a lot of time helping communities. It’s a thing I love the most. I work towards my vision for the world — where each one of us lives a life full of good emotions, a life full of meaningful work and a life full of excitement. Where each one of us wakes up each day to become the best version of themselves. Where the kids are not taught to think that they can’t be extraordinary but a world where they learn to find their way for it. A world where families-friends support you to be of your kind and not to be the same.

But how XR plays a role in this?

A few years ago, I was a super lazy person who sleeps all the time. I go to school from morning 6 to 1 afternoon. After getting back home, I had some food. I do not use to have a hobby and waste more 5 hours of the day sleeping(eeeeehhh). Not just that, even after waking up I used to do my homework like a good boy which consumes all my remaining time like every other activity which is not planned using Parkinson’s law. All those years were a total waste. I got nothing, no friends — no skills — no memories (⊙_⊙).

All till the day when…

I first saw Steve Jobs movie by Joshua Michael Stern. Steve’s story touched my heart. It was not a moment of inspiration but was a moment of realisation that I felt. I felt the difference between our lives. I realised I can also have a life like that, which serves for the greater good. A purpose in my life can be my greatest asset.

From that moment, my life changed…

I am not what I used to be (except the fact that I still watch cartoon)

That moment kicks-off the most exciting journey I can imagine.

It gave me the spark to find my purpose and work towards it. I willingly work to serve the greater good.

Now, I wake up every day to help people become the best version of themselves so that they can make better decisions in their lives and together we can create a better world.

And that moment also get me stuck to a question — why the moment never came before? And what I can do to create such a moment in the lives of one and all?

That brings to the brilliant advice of a wise man…

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It is all about your surrounding. You can dream big but until you change your thinking from “I can’t” to “How can I?” you will never achieve it. Asking the right question kickstarts your brain.

Your thoughts are everything. Your thoughts become your words; Your words become your actions; your actions become your habits; your habits become your character; Your character decides your destiny; So what you think you become;

And with the XR we can change your surrounding…

We will have a choice between which 5 persons you want to spend your time with. They can be far away from you, they can be an AI friend, or they can be someone who left the world.

It is not just that you won’t be alone ever but more about that you will never feel lonely ever. With the infinite possibilities we have with the XR, we can bend things according to us. We can choose to have a friend over assistance. We can choose to have someone’s physical presence than a voice. We can choose to have a person who is not fictional(having good qualities only) but real(having good and bad qualities).

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What about an AI which can teach kids to find happiness within? Not like a one day lecture but from time to time but on the times when parents may not be there.

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What about an AI which can help you ask the right questions about your relationships? Not like a dating coach but as a friend who knows what you will say even before you say it.

What about an AI who can help you make the decisions that you will not regret? Not like a person who advises you from the gossips or stories he/she had listened but as a wise person who holds accounts to give you the life you always wanted.

A world where you are taught to have the street-smart and school-smart lessons.

A world where you are taught to serve for the thing that matters to you.

A world for you and you only, the best version of the world for you(with light and dark).

XR and AI can bring a wave in future where people spends more and more time on developing themselves than ever in history. A time where there will be no jobs(eeeeehhh) but we will have peoples with hobbies(this is how a beautiful world will look like). A time where people are not lonely or even alone. A time where your friend and family can stand with you in your dark times. A time where you realise the meaning of an amazingly beautiful life earlier, at least prior than my moment.

I see XR with AI as a fix for jobless society, a dark world and purposeless lives. A tech which can fix all the life’s blunders.

Did you connect to my vision? Share your thoughts in the comments…

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Country Head Of VR-AR-MR Student Partner Program | AR-MR Developer And Evangelist | Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador٩(●ᴗ●)۶

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