I Found That Elon Musk Is Dragging His Feet In The Future of AR, Learn ‘How?’​

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The AR is not just about technology now; It’s living, it’s experiencing, it’s becoming the ultimate human.

AR will enrich everyone’s life. Gadgets like television will be a 1$ app in your app store in the future.

Once you have an augmented reality display, you don’t need any other form of display. No smartphone, no TV, and not even a computer.

You just take the 100s of screens with your choice of the operating system in your glasses wherever you go.

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With the big bets coming from Apple, Facebook, Google on AR Glasses we can say the future is near.

We already have some pretty awesome guesses on how the future with XR will look like in a few years.

But to live a life like Ultimate Human, we will need more than augmenting 3D objects around us.

The potential of AR is much much more than any other technology we ever invented.

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With the right XR Tech — we can live in our dream, no surroundings can define us.

Imagine feeling and sitting beside the ocean while being in a taxi.

Talking to Einstein in-person to learn about his work while sitting on the sofa and eating popcorn.

Or imagine, battling in World War 2 for a fun-training session with real Heroes.

The possibilities by bending the reality are infinite.

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How Will We Reach That Potential?

Like computers back in the 1970s have some limited applications.

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But as soon as we integrated the Internet with it the world changes to a place where any individual can stand against the big brothers and we got the Giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon which is entirely based on the Internet.

Such companies pushed any other company down in the track.

To use AR fully, we will need to integrate it with other technology like — AI, Computer Vision, Digital Touch, Digital Smell, 4D Printing, and most importantly a brain-reading device or say a brain-computer interaction.

All these techs can help reach the potential of AR like the Internet and Softwares helped a computer to become the living.

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But How Is Elon Musk Dragging Himself Into This?

In all these blunders of AR, Elon Musk seems to invest in the more valuable tech than AR itself.

The technology of the future which can be tomorrow’s Internet…

Ya, you guess it right — Neuralink

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Neuralink is a company that is designing the future tech where a chip inside the brain can help to communicate with devices.

Neuralink has some limited applications solely. But with the right gadgets on its side, it can be a thing for AR Glasses what the Internet is today for computers.

Where every company is working on AR only a few are working on computer-brain communication devices like Elon Musk’s Startup Neuralink.

Some popular names include in this industry — Facebook, Neurable, Emotiv, Kernel.

They all are working to enhance the capabilities of computers by making humans control them with brains.

As far as I understand AR, it’s the big future and no other technology can replace it.

Imagine what it would be like to see Ironman using his hands or a controller while controlling the graphics inside his helmet.

Doesn’t seem cool right…

You won’t like commanding everything too in real life, it’s not the greatest UI/UX form for the XR.

“Cortana, scroll. Oh no scroll down not up”

“Ok Stop! Choose the third app, oh no from the right not, from the left. Ufff”

Obviously, we use controllers today for all this, but will you use the controller while driving or a soldier will ever use it while in battle.

Uhhh! Not likely, ya…

With so many companies working on AR and so fewer companies working on computer-brain interaction, you can say the Neuralink device will be more valuable than any AR Glass or its software.

So, not just Neuralink but any company that develops and gets hands on the device to control AR Glasses with Brain Signals first will be more valuable.

A Neuralink device will have limited applications solely, but with AR it will be a blast.

Finding an AR Glass or AR Engineer in 5–7 years from now will be easy.

But a technology to control AR Glasses with thoughts… Not likely…

What’s your thought on this? Do you think a brain-computer interaction will be a major part? Share in comments…

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