I Found The Most Underrated Application of AR-MR Glasses That Will Be A Blast, Bill Gates Once Predicted This Too

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We are talking about Gaming, Office Tools, Movies, Holographic Calls, Educational Content, Fashion, and some big-big industry in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. But there is one more application of XR which will drastically change our day-to-day life experience. It is hidden in those talks and can be a golden-charm in the future.

Apple Inc. and Facebook are both working to replace all the smartphones from your pocket with AR Glasses by 2022 and 2023. They have made some astonishing progress after revealing their mission. With the registered patents in enhancing hearing capability from Facebook to correcting visual impaired see the full sight from Apple, we are having more than just a Cool Glass.

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I do a lot of online shopping and it’s exhausting how much time it takes to compare prices. Searching for the same product in front of your eyes is tiring. You go on different comparing websites, they show few products, and few not, if you are lucky enough you get the exact piece or duhhhh… But that’s not what we want. Typing the name and model number then getting no result uffff… It should be in a single touch. That’s what will enhance the buyer’s experience. We are having a lot of cool sites out there and some of them are now worth billions of dollars. Trivago and Smartprix are in my favorite list and I use them often before booking or purchasing any tech.

But with AR-MR Glasses…

Imagine, what it will be like if the Computer Vision in your AR-MR Glasses can help you compare the prices seamlessly???

That’s how seamless a user wants.

This can be one of the applications you will get pre-installed in your Glasses soon.

With immersive tech, you will never have to search again. Just point at the product and you got the result. Price comparison companies will hit the bullseye when Apple and Facebook will accomplish its mission.

The pace at which we are making progress in the Computer Vision and XR, no one can stop this coming. Just a company with enough data like a super hub of product info is needed… Whoever does that gets the golden-charm.

In 1999, Bill Gates wrote a book titled Business @ the Speed of Thought. In the book, Gates made 15 bold predictions that at the time might have sounded outrageous.

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What we see now: You can easily search for a product on Google or Amazon and get different prices. Sites like NexTag, PriceGrabber, Trivago, Expedia, and even Microsoft’s own Bing Shopping are built specifically to compare prices. We got such a website after 20 years but effortless searching will not be the right word for these websites.

Augmented and Mixed Reality will bring many more applications but this is what I can bet on. It is underrated but will be a major multi-billionaire part of the shopping industry in the near 7–10 years. Definitely, will be in everyone’s Glasses.

Do you agree with me or not? What’s your thought on this? Share in comments…

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Country Head Of VR-AR-MR Student Partner Program | AR-MR Developer And Evangelist | Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador٩(●ᴗ●)۶

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