Let’s Talk About Nano-Tech, And How It Is Going To Be More Dangerous Than AI…

“Nanobots will cure most diseases by 2030” — Ray Kurzweil, American Inventor, and Futurist

He also said “2045 — our most profound thoughts could be triggered by a nanobot and uploaded into the cloud for eternity.”

And no doubt what we say this year from Neuralink is a proof of the inevitable coming.

But What Is Nano Technology?

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Before we get too technical, try this: Pick up something that’s close to you — anything.

It might be a laptop. Or even a tee shirt — it doesn’t really matter what.

Now, think about what this thing does well.

Getting information or if your thinking of the t-shirt, making you feel awesome!

Then think about what it doesn’t do so well.

Perhaps getting smashed when you drop it. Or running out of power, just when you need it. Or smelling bad.

All this — depends on the individual atoms that make up the things around us. And importantly, how they’re put together.

It’s a bit like a car working only because of how all the individual parts are arranged.

Of course, atoms are a bit smaller than the parts of a car. But it holds the same idea.

How the different atoms in something are arranged can affect things like, how strong or weak it is. Or if it conducts electricity. Or even what it like.

When we talk about the quality of any material — it’s the ideal arrangement of atoms.

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If we were really smart of course, we’d make the stuff around us work better, simply by doing a better job of arranging the different atoms it’s made of.

Or we could make totally new stuff by putting atoms together in ways that we’ve never done before. Like the invention of Buckminster Fuller Fullerene, brother of Graphite(Pencil Lead), and Diamond.

And because this new technology involves doing stuff at such a mini scale, it’s called Nanotechnology.

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Using their news skills, nanotechnologies are beginning to cool stuff like creating materials that are really good at turning sunlight into energy. Or using nanoscopically small bots to deliver anti-cancer drugs at the source. Or even turning polluted water into drinkable water.

They’re even finding new ways to make glass that doesn’t break when you drop it. Batteries that last longer. And even tee shirts that smell fresh after you’ve worn them for a few days.

Then What Makes It Dangerous?

Every Tech has its downside.

Talking about the internet is a privacy invasion, mental illness.

Vehicles — accidents and deaths.

Machinery, then it’s the Pollution and Climate Change.

But to an extent, they are somewhat controllable.

We can stop someone from hacking, reduce pollution, and even make safer cars to protect the drivers.

Even when such techs come in the wrong hand we have the ability or say the tools to stop that.

But NanoTech in a lot different — everything is in nanoscale means invisible to the naked eyes.

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The tip of a pen is around a million nanometre wide.

A single human hair is around 50,000 nanometres thick.

A page is 75,000 nanometres thick.

And that’s not it, it will be something that can be controlled by a person like a remote control toy.

So, imagine it on the wrong hand. Probably, someone like Ultron if we talk about AI destroying humans. Or any bad person.

If these nanobots can work to heal a disease then can work as a disease. Imagine some nano-particles moving around the city through the air into your brain and damage it nerves by nerves.

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Imagine these nano-particles grouping together to form a giant earthquake machine, much like the Ant-mans ants.

Or imagine, they burning the t-shirt you are wearing.

The possibilities are endless. For the good but for bad as well.

We have already made some progress in using small bots working as a group to make things. We may not see an Ironman suit soon but ya, nanotech will be here in the 21st century.

And not to mention Ray Kurzweil is one of the greatest minds and his wins in predicting future tech is astonishing.

What’s your thought on this? What if the next pandemic is because of NanoTech? Share your thoughts in comments…

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