Everyone should read this & how do we break this cycle?
Robin Chase

Data protection laws only work if they are respected and enforced by those who operate in this space. It’s extremely difficult for a regulatory body to enforce, globally, a regional or national set of laws when confronted by the sheer magnitude of data that would have to be processed in order to figure out, exactly, who to prosecute.

Take the facebook dark posts as an example. Nobody but those reading them, those creating them and Facebook, naturally, even knows they are there. A regulator can’t accurately determine who is collecting or using the data, so how can they enforce the laws?

Don’t trust data protection. Trust yourself. Be vigilant, use blockers (Privacy Badger will stop the tracking which these people rely upon at a high level https://www.eff.org/privacybadger), but browser fingerprinting is actually a real thing and you can’t protect yourself completely.

If you really want to stop feeding this beast, stop liking stuff.

But, like all addictive behaviour, I’ll bet you can’t.

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