Thanks for your honest criticism of yourself. I would add that this:
The Son of Senecca

“soulless realists”

Dunno about the soulless bit but, as someone who fits your overall description, I think it’s more about not being afraid to, as I refer to it, “kill the baby”. I suppose that does sound soulless, but hey, I guess that’s just who I am.

When stakeholders cannot let go of a minor aspect of their vision, even temporarily, this emotional attachment can destroy the viability of the overall project.

The worst situation is where you have owners/founders with competing visions. Often this competition doesn’t appear to be profound, but behind the technical curtain these conflicts can cause resources to become stretched and end up over-complicating what can often be conceived as a pretty simple system.

And don’t trust the advice of anyone who can’t say “no”. Too many people like to be surrounded by people who are relentlessly optimistic. Hearing the truth can be tough, but you have to take emotion out of the equation or you can end up in a very uncomfortable place.

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