KENO on the BlockChain

BitKeno — is the first realization of the popular game KENO on BlockChain in the world, which was officially included on the list of decentralized Etherium applications.

Ethereum smart contract is used to ensure fairness and security of the game.

Hurry, only 10000000 tokens will be available at super low price of 0.002 ETH per token.

Get KENO tokens to play BitKeno lottery as well as an investment.

Every tenth wallet will get double amount of tokens.

Revolution in the lottery world

The popular KENO lottery on the BlockChain platform will launchSeptember 2018.

Prior to the official start of the game for the first participants, we will be distributing 10 million tokens at the symbolic market price of 0.002 ETH for 1 token. All collected funds will go to form the initial prize pool of the game.

BitKeno is officially included on the list of decentralized Etherium applications.

BitKeno smart contract for the drawn numbers will be available in open source on GitHub.

Check the progress:

BitKeno is changing the lottery world!

The transparency and fairness of the game KENO is ensured by using BlockChain and Ethereum smart contract which is revolutionary for the world of lottery and online casinos!

Invest in KENO tokens and play BitKeno!

Attention!!! please complete all required fields (Return Address, Email for Receipt),

otherwise your tokens might be lost.

After payment, you will receive KENO tokens within 48 hours.

Advantages of BitKeno

Unlike other games, BitKeno has a lot of pros such as:

1)The winning numbers in BitKeno lottery are generated by using BlockChain base and Ethereum smart contract. This ensures that the results of the game will be completely safe from falsification and will only depend on the players’ luck.

2) BitKeno has its own token “KENO” that is used as a guaranteed payment for the winnings.

3) You can exchange BitKeno tokens anywhere in the world by using online-exchanger or sell it on cryptocurrency stock exchange.

You can play BitKeno by using any devices such as ios, android or by using browser.

BitKeno prize pool

By playing the BitKeno game and buying tokens, millions of people are creating the prize pool.Since the prize pool is saved on the Ethereum wallet, every player can check and see the up to date winning amount.

The tokens that are won can be used in the game or exchanged.

The clear advantages of the game KENO will ensure that more and more people will be playing this game which will lead to the higher worth of the KENO token and will increase the income of each token holder.

Everyone knows that demand for KENO token will only grow. That is why the time to buy it is NOW!!!

Only the first 10,000,000 tokens will be available at super low price of 0.002 ETH per token. Limited time offer, only till september 2018, or until all the tokens are sold out. Emission of the tokens is equivalent to the incoming funds which is saved on the Ethereum wallet and is used as the winning pool.

History of the game KENO

The game KENO is a lottery which is more than 2000 years old. Millions of people are playing KENO around the world today.

KENO — translated from French means “five winning numbers” and from Latin “one in five”, but according to all data the game was known even in ancient China.

The legend says that the invention of the game and its widespread popularity has helped to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

In the second half of the 19th century, the game hit the Wild West with chinese settlers at the height of the gold rush.

KENO is a numerical game, the essence of which lies in large and fast wins.



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#Blockchain #Ethereum #dapps #Solidity #Token #ICO #Bounty #Fintech #ETH #BTC #AI #BigData #martech #startups #FINTECH #ML #followback #ERC20 #ERC721 #ERC827