Touring the Wall Street Journal

One of my go to news source is The Wall Street Journal, so when invited for a tour of the National syndicated publication’s newsroom I set my alarm and hiked uptown.

Inside the sophisticated 1211 Avenue of the Americas building, a large flat screen TV hovered the News room while a dozen TV’s broadcasted financial news from various news networks including CNBC, CNN Money etc…

“The Nerve Center of the Newsroom” Photo cred:

A team of world finance and social media savvy personnel worked in sync to promote news updates to both digital and print subscribers.

At the round-table gathered reporters to discuss stories that would be featured in tomorrows edition of the WSJ.

Of the newsroom scene, Todd Olmstead, an editor for the WSJ jested that chaos is an understatement and if you prefer a more routine line of work then this place may not be for you.

A few minutes into the meeting it was easy to see exactly what he meant. With the focus on Mossak and Fonseca’s Panama papers leak the WSJ were granted an exclusive interview with the law firm scheduled at noon.

It was inspiring to be present around a team of reporters who are able to use the platform to influence readers daily by covering national and global issues.

WSJ Photo Cred.

The tour ultimately provided a new perspective of the newsroom for me. Most noticeably was the work atmosphere as there were no cubicles inside but instead the set up of the workplace allowed for transparency and open communication.

It is a privilege to be able to read thorough reporting in general but more so being able to sit in a morning conference meeting with the people who make it all happen.