A few thoughts on the Oculus Rift price tag.

For anyone out of the loop, it’s 600$.

Taking the side of Oculus:

  1. It has two insanely high resolution displays, custom lenses and electronics, while the whole thing is assembled at Oculus or something like that.
  2. Early adopter’s premium and whatnot.

Being reasonable:

  1. They said it was going to be in the ballpark of 350$. This argument beats out any other. If they had said nothing, everyone would have thought “oh, well, [arguments above]”. But they built the expectation of casual people saving up for it, maybe even saving up for computer upgrades. Heck, I thought about getting one. And then they promptly shattered everyone’s dreams.
  2. While wide adoption won’t make or break new technologies, it sure helps. Especially when you’re trying to beat open standards. Please don’t forget OSVR.

With all that said, they have to launch a cheap VR kit within 6 months to stay on top and competitive. Competitors will see the gap and capitalize heavily.

This is just a stain for Virtual Reality and I doubt that it will stay on for long.

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