you really are a pretender.

We won’t force anything on women if they don’t want it. What I want to happen is a bit more promotion for female eSports so that we will see if they’re good enough or not to compete with the men. Right now, female eSports players have to work second jobs or take up streaming, which might hurt their performance.

I never talked about getting women that are outside of eSports into it. I’m talking about promoting the ones that are already part of the eSports community.

I never suggested any forcing. I just laid out a couple of thoughts on the recent Intel Challenge event. Get your head out of your ass and respond with something outside of the “but women don’t want it” spectrum of thinking. Maybe they want it, but they don’t see it as a lucrative venture. The good thing is that Intel can dump money first and ask questions later.

Let’s help and see what happens. If they’re shit, too bad. If they’re good, then we almost missed an opportunity to promote equality in eSports because of a stupid prejudice that they’re not interested. Nobody knows if they’re interested or not.

Also, I doubt a career in eSports can be paralleled to a tech career. eSports is showmanship and grinding your life away on the same video game for 14 hours a day, while tech is just as much IT knowledge as you can get with a bit of business.

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