Why Karmaphal Daata Shani needs a comeback?

(Note: Before starting to read this article, we would like to mention that we nor anyone can tell or write, describe what these magical creators have actually done. Those who say they are critics, it is a damn lie. They choose to let their vision of understanding be on top. And how they wanted what’s being presented. Most critics live in the two-dimensional space & can’t go beyond the distance the director has sighted. But we are just trying to convey what the director tried to tell & how it has impacted us, & why such master storytellers should be given more scope without boundaries.)

We now are in such an age of technology where the generation is just hooked into the social world that they have been subjected to or better to say the virtual world we all are living in.

There are no games that the children play anymore as Chupa Chupi, Lagori or Pithu, Kancha or Marbles, Gilli Danda, Lattoo and Lattoo to name a few.

Now they all have a decent 6-inch magical slate through which they live their world, play games & so on. And coming to watching those serials that are shown today. How many of them will remember any cult epics as those in earlier generations have seen? Will Big Boss impact their lives? The generation that has seen the 80’s & 90’s have spent time playing all those pieces of stuff & watching Mega-Epic Serials glued to TV either in their own home or neighborhood.

The first thing you ask them which serial was their favorite or they remember. They would say fondly it’s Mahabharat (B.R.Chopra’s).

Yes, we know you would ask us why not “Ramayana (Ramanand Sagar’s)”. Because of the craftsman, the way Ravi Chopra has directed it. Ask anyone you know as to tell you which actors have portrayed what roles. And the maximum number of those will be from Mahabharat.

Bhisma, Karna, Krishna, Arjuna, Draupadi, Duryodhana, Vidur, Dhritrashtra, Bhim, Dushasan, Dronacharya, Shakuni, Ved Vyas, Samaya (Harish Bhimani) and a lot more characters you recall were justified & kept alive in our hearts because they way they have been acted and delivered.

And from Ramayan,

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan

Ram (Arun Govil), Sita (Deepika Chikhalia), Hanuman (Dara Singh), and the powerful ace actor Raavana (Arvind Trivedi) have given the optimum level of performance, that will stay with us.

The records of the serial were huge. But we lay now the facts. It was the most poorly made serials that achieved much more immensely due to the fact that it was from the time when you don’t have anything else apart from that to watch. And most importantly “Rama”. The word, the vibrations associated with it to each one of us is so deep that it stays beyond anything. And that’s the primary cause for a serial that created a ruckus in the lives of people. People were just hooked to watch just because never before they have seen a full-featured Ramayana.

Dialogues, direction, sets everything was so poor in front of Mahabharat. That the fact is asking yourself if you have been glued to if you can recall any bit of dialogues from the serial.

Mahabharat on the contrary which is not even comparable. As it has to date set such high level of standards that it impacts is with all of us.
a still from Mahabharat (B.R.CHOPRA’S)

The storytelling, the actors, the sets, the dialogues give everyone goosebumps till today. The background score was so enticing. And you will never take a break while watching the show was the mark of the epic serial.

Be it any chapter you love, like Bheesma Pratigya or Jayadratha Vadh they were done the way no one could come close. There was the intensity the play demanded & it served through wonderful top-notch performances.

Bheesma, Karna in particular, were made immortal through Mukesh Khanna & Pankaj Dheer respectively through their terrific performance. And that’s the reason whenever anyone tries to play their part of performing it has to be far better than them. And of, course none could ever be matched them till today. Arjun, Krishna and all characters were truly justified through this epic cult serial

These two epic serials completely did injustice to the Shiva or Trinity. In our Puranas where the supreme divinity is imbibed with powers and a divine aura, they should be more projected in that divine way.

But here only things changed a bit. And the Trinity were given their look which was needed for a long long time through Jai Hanuman (Directed by Sanjay Khan). We have a lot of respect for him in regards to his making the Magnum story on Mahadji Scindia The Great Maratha.

Shahbaz Khan as Mahadji Scindia in THE GREAT MARATHA (Sanjay Khan’s)

The only serial as Mahabharat at that time which had everything. Best actors with superior performance. Shahbaz Khan as Mahadji Scindia, Pankaj Dheer as Sadashivrao Bhau, Mukesh Khanna as Ibrahim Khan Gardi, Parikshit Sahni as Malhar Rao Holkar , Irrfan Khan as Najib ad-Dawlah & Mrinal Kulkarni as Ahilya Bai Holkar. Everyone was just so perfect. You can’t ask for anyone better. The detailed portrayal of Third Battle of Panipat was really captivating. Sanjay Khan mostly all serials have Khayyam as the music composer. And “Prabhuji Tum Hi Nath Hamare from this show was the most loved one”.

Okay, sorry we should be focussing on just epics. So the one who portrayed Hanuman & the songs used were just beyond appreciation. Till today, we chant “Manojavam…”. And thank you, Sir, for it.

But neither Ram nor Sita or Raavan in a serial upon the main protoganist left any imprints on our minds.

After that comes the gamechanger, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Posters

The only serial after Mahabharat which let people stay in their homes to watch the soulful performances by everyone. It was the 3rd serial after Mahabharat & Great Maratha where it was the Complete Team who were behind the success of gifting an experience like never before. Lord Shiva played by Mohit Raina & Lord Vishnu by Saurabh Raj Jain were just mesmerizing, they did not only roles but they made us believe that if ever the supreme were to reveal themselves they would be like that. Everyone each character were given the perfect soul. Take any department & they outplayed in every department.

It was such a vast production that you can’t imagine what have they left out.

But we would here focus on the part of Ramayan, i.e, Raavan & Ram, Hanuman. Specially Raavan by Tarun Khanna

Tarun Khanna as Raavan

gave goosebumps with the intensity that was required. But Ram & Hanuman? The name that keeps our soul activated always were not justified.

And yet, with Siya Ke Ram from their own production house Triangle Film Company did justification to what was left. It was a marvelous production. It’s not an easy task to depict what the relationship was between Ram and Hanuman. It was one of the long awaited serial that truly could have been done only through their banner. Yet again the intensity that was required through Shani, Hanuman & Raavan was left. And from now we will take it, for this article was written on the soul of what we have till today missed.

It’s about Karmaphal Daata Shani. Before that let us take us to sometime back to Swastik productions which redefined epic storytelling through their beautiful portrayal of the world’s greatest epic with spectacular visual effects, VFX & narration through the Ultimate reality to a peak that was required hugely.

Imagine the cult that the Mahabharat of 1988’s has imbibed within us. And to accept another Mahabharat was an inherent task. Yet, the ace director Siddharth Kumar Tewary did it. Yes, Bheesma or Karna or Duryodhana can never be the same what B.R.Chopra has given to us. But it’s the magical wave of charm in director’s eye that Siddharth showed beyond characters & visually enhanced the capturing through his way of storytelling.
Shri Krishna played by Saurabh Raj Jain (Mahabharat by Swastik Productions)

We admit in no way anyone should try to bring the so-called judgment between anyone. Neither could anyone those who say they are critics. Critics are fools who try to put their own views towards others. And we go by pulse feeling & mass popularity. Channels go by data.

Yet, it is obvious that when anyone reattempts to give their treatment over the first attempt it is bound to gather views based on it.

So, Swastik Production gave a flavor that was accepted widely. Even we were followers of the B.R.Chopra’s epic yet we got awesome responses where people we used to meet, discuss used to tell that what they have left telling Siddharth completed using through his master way of storytelling.

And after that, he gave us Kamaphal Datta Shani. This serial changed everything. The narration, the direction, the acting, the teamwork, the intensity & the missing essence of the most intense relationship, the subject that was required a long ago and the most dramatic sequence between Navgrahas, Hanuman & Raavan.

Karmaphal Daata Shani Poster

And here we begin our most compelling writing that we again pray if we could not justify it through our writings.

We shall always be hugely indebted towards the makers of Mahabharat, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Siya Ke Ram & Karmaphal Daata Shani.

Remember one thing, there’s a syndrome & that is that whenever anything is made for the first time, it is taken as a point of observation for anyone to conclude if they have done better or worse from the one that was made.

And it happened with Mahabharat, Ramayan.

And when Shani was first made, no one knew that such a serial ever existed. Not only once. It was made twice. Yet, with that much audacity that you won’t remember that :)

Shani, Hanuman & Ganesha (left): Sindoori episode And Surya dev(right) from Karmaphal Daata Shani (Colors TV)

So when Shani came on Colors, it was something the audience was waiting for a path-breaking series.

This was the only serial after Mahabharat & Devon Ke Dev Mahadev where you know each & every character names, their dialogues.

And that’s the impact it has left on viewers that they demand a second season as sooner as possible.

Yeah, it may look strange to many. But since the inception of such marvelous serials, we never have seen that when something is going so well. Suddenly, no one has ever stopped the serials from being run.

Yet, it was a poor exception towards a serial that was actually not completed their part while they ended it prematurely.

Can you imagine Sita Haran episode not being shown in Ramayan or Draupadi Vastra Haran not being shown in Mahabharat?

Then why did a show ended so abruptly that you have no answers to the questions?

Surely, it may be they have thought of a blockbuster release of the second season if you remember the last scene where Shani tells Young Shani of what lies ahead.

And like others, we were too much in hope, that it should.

There’s so much of story left that even more seasons may be needed. It may depend on them how they have thought about it.

Like for example, take the connection of Peepal tree or Piplad muni. Raja Dasrath episode with Shani. And the most vital being Lanka Khand, Mahabharat episode & Shani-Krishna relationship which is never shown as it should have.

We can never compare serials as such cult ones, where they represent according to the vision of the director.

But you don’t get actors giving their best & some performance that remains & stay in your hearts.

If you remember Mukesh Khanna for Bheesma, so will you remember all those characters we have talked about? But what sets apart from other characters, actors are the intensity they bring in to those characters. We have seen a lot of Bheesma’s. But with whom you are so engrossed that your eyes never blink. And that’s what this little star has given us. The intensity not only we feel in eyes but his command over the voice.

And Kartikey Malviya was the ultimate discovery, who took the character as required & delivered a performance that will stay with you.

And not only him. Our Rohit Khurana has done justice & that’s so crucial. Remember the footprints one has left after such impressive performance has to be done at the same level for letting the character as alive as it was previously. And director has extracted the best & so have they given their best.

What’s more special about Shani is that Tridev were shown as precise as you have read. The image of Shiva coming from the fire element. Each time Shiva comes from the galaxy of fire molecules and to add with it the background music your heart longs for the ultimate satisfaction.

We being a Data-driven media research team, we have long been seeing the keywords, the buzz for astrological terms. And for knowing Shani, Rahu, Ketu & all together Navgrahas, believe us no one could ever replace this magnum opus production as perfect as ever could.

“Karma”, is one of those life’s path that needs more light. It is the most widely searched words in “Vedic Astrology”. You may read articles, watch youtube, or just buy a newspaper for the last page to find out how’s the day going to be. And what for one need to see all those. These are our inherent interest that has been sublimed in the ocean of cunning knowledge givers. They know what they want you to show. And somewhere down the line, Shani has been able to change the narrative with the starting introduction per each episode you watch. And also then again you see few more narrations from the Karmic controller itself.

The director, writer, storyteller everyone needs a Standing ovation with claps that should reach all over it could, for they have done wide research & presented such tiny details that a perfectionist can only retrieve.

Raavana (left) and Rahu (right)

There is one very important point we would like to mention & that is Mahabharat, Ramayana, Siya Ke Ram, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev all were having direct source, means directly there are Khands. You know chapters serially. Same was for mostly any shows where Vishnu Puran, Shiv Puran were there. But for Shani the team has to look after a very through study of texts to link to those unanswered questions. Why there was so much enemity between Shani and Chandra or Shani and Mangal?

So never imagine a show as just a play, when there is so much involvement in it.

Simhika (Left) and Shiva (Right)

May be we haven’t read about abduction of Dhamini by Raavan. May be we haven’t gone to the depth and therefore for most viewers they would blame it on writers.

But you can’t miss those tiny details that the ace director has shown through his beautiful canvas.

Rahu eyes, Surya dev pride egoism, Mangal ruthlessness, Chandra dev & Shani’s dristi on him everything was shown how a pure lover of this subject would fall in love with seeing these.

Glimpse of characters presented in the show Shani

It was just only this serial of Shani we felt that the feel for the Ultimate Reality, Ram, Hanuman’s craving for just a glimpse to meet his Soul was shown with utmost care & presented such beautifully that one would wait for the day they would meet. And that’s what we wanted to write when we started writing this article. The flair of conveying your thoughts have been shown as one would have ever thought of.

Why do Rajamouli’s films touch you whenever he tries to showcase the feelings we imbibe for Shiva.

And it is the intensity in Ramayana. It is not just Sita was kidnapped. It’s the imagination IF WE CAN imagine the hardships for our Ram.

Against injustice, a giant enemy how there comes all help from all sides. And how everyone helps in whatever way they can until their last breath was never shown in Indian Television. Mahabharata did it. And it worked. It’s the connection.

The scene where Shani lays behind Raavan foot is so well represented. And that’s where comes the anxiety that why the hell they stopped a serial that has created tremendous interest among the masses.

The Burning of Lanka is the most compelling episode of Ramayan, where you have Shani & Hanuman together in achieving the objective. How could Shani just end?

Graha yuddha was a subject for pure astrological pundits. And it explored that as well. And that’s why we thanks from the core of our heart to Siddharth Kumar Tewary for having chosen a subject that has been so misrepresented since ages.

There’s though more story to even the dialogue between Yam and Yami which may be difficult to portray on screen.

If you have been searching on the Google or following your interest on this divine subjects, you would have if carefully noticed that in almost most idols that dates back to centuries, you will find Vishnu in Standing pose as depicted. And that’s what was the essence in Trinity each time they showed us.

The background score as when required, like for darker subjects dark themes were used. And it only enhances the mood of the saga being shown.

One peculiar & astonishing fact is the Vahan of Suryadev has been shown as it should be, that’s one wheel chariot.

And such it’s only possible when one gets the drishti that’s so pure. Yes, we have seen vakra drishti of Shani. And through this epic serial we saw what dristhi Siddharth Kumar Tewary has been provided with.

Do you know Hanuman played by Nirbhay Wadhwa has been for the second time he played it. So did Tarun Khanna. Yet only through this show, the director has truly retrieved the best out of from the actor. And so convincing he was while he enacted the play.

Hanuman & His Confrontation With Raavan To Save Shani

The child artists be it Krish Chauhan or Mohan Sharma have enticed their roles & captivated us with their outstanding portrayal.

And there is someone whom we need to Thanks from the deep within our hearts for ensuring that those all epic shows we talked about since Devon Ke Dev Mahadev have been penned through Utkarsh Naithani. He has been the most crucial element in making these shows what they are today.

And his eye to each & every detail from one’s own experience in this world came into paper through deep soulful lines. He always through his screenplay shows you the reason for a particular incident, & that’s where he is best. Understanding the Psychology of the character in the given realm of circumstances.

Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva The Teachers To Karmphal Daata Shani

Having said that, nothing works until one work as a TEAM. And with Shani we say proudly that it is one of the finest shows ever produced in India. And every actor to makeup person to every department have given their 100%.

And before ending this we take a note from the last episode dialogue between both Shani’s. He closes his eyes and gets a glimpse of the future incidents: Birth of Rama, Lanka on fire, Ravan’s death, Krishna’s birth, Krishna’s life, Mahabharata and then Kali Yuga, Raja Vikramaditya!

And we hope Colors open their own eyes & accept the popularity of this show. And let viewers not be taken for granted.

Yes, till today CID is running on SONY. Till today. Why? Is it really such a well made entertainer. Or just the generation that watched are till now watching it. We don’t know.

There are a lot of serials made, shown but something as Shani is hard to build. If they wanted they could have done huge promotions. Because it’s the Raavan Shani climax that thrills anyone having the least knowledge also. How many promotions have they done?

Channels are therefore should not be under the false impressions of one’s own judgment.

There are huge followers who have created specific forums for it over the internet. Talk about SEO and see what you could not have done through your teams. The fellows have done it.

They updated daily. They do all that a fan could do for their show.

Talk about ratings, & still, Colors can’t produce evidence that the show wasn’t generating the buzz.

Do a simple search and view the data it shows in terms of it’s popularity. Check out the views on Voot or Youtube or any where it’s been shown. And then realise what’s the real call should be.

We have seen the mouth of appreciation & the cult of timing. Yes, people just open either their smartphones to watch in JIO TV. And no one wants to talk or do anything except being glued to the epic storytelling.

In olden days there was just one National Channel & less were those machines to watch. People flocked to anywhere to watch their Ramayan. There is a point in Ramayan & that is Ram, Sita & Hanuman. We are so much alive when we watch Ram. The name in itself is a vibration that just wakes up your soul. And Ramanand Sagar just got connected through it. It was also because of the way the actors, RAM, SITA, HANUMAN & RAAVAN delivered their performances. Apart from these main characters, not a single actor has given any kind of remembering act.

But in MAHABHARAT, we again would like to thank you, Chopra Saab, for till today if we watch Bheesma Pratigya we get thrilled. He looked after everything. You remember every character from Karna to Vidur. Only because they worked as a TEAM.

And so did Shani. If Kartikey Malviya is the Little Dynamite as Director Siddharth Kumar Tewary fondly calls him. Salil Ashok Ankola as Surya dev has made it alive with his performance. And let’s not forget the cult dialogue of Indra(Kunal Bakshi) . The way he used to pronounce Shani & a smile comes back to your face. It’s that we talked about. No matter you won’t see them, just by hearing dialogues or even background music you feel & know who they are and what they are up to. Juhi Parmar as Sangya/Chhaya gave her best screen presence. Zohaib Siddiqui as Rahu is one of those characters who will plunge higher if given more scope to represent his abilities. He was so convincing while he played Rahu, that revenge has a new face to those who have seen it. Gufi Paintal was one of the actors we looked up to after Shakuni. And with Vishwakarma he gave us yet another act to remember. Kajol Srivastava as Yami delighted us with the relationship & maturity our sisters take care of us. She is definitely one of the most convincing actor who gives audience an act to remember. It would be too long with these. And yes, when everyone from a TEAM gives their best. Ultimately, it shows in the show.So is everyone from the TEAM SHANI. They worked together as a TEAM.

But it was left incomplete. And that should not be the way. No one could make a Shani we saw & we cherished. And this is the mark of the director, that the vision that reach viewers and moves them.

A show that submerged viewers in itself, that is the achievement of Shani. To stop it was not a great idea. And we hope might be they will release the second season we all have been waiting for.

We also would like to point one straight point and that being shows whatever being produced, do show them. But not at the cost of something whose value is not countable. Yes, it was the reality show, India’s Best Dramebaaz that gave us Kartikey Malviya. And we want such shows be there. But at least do not stop shows as Shani for other’s shows. Channels can change timing. But pulling down shows not only affects your viewership but it affects the industry itself.

Let Indian viewers be provided quality shows as Shani. That not only impacts lives, but submerges you through their journey. We thank you Swastik Production House for a memorable & soulful journey you took us with this show of yours.