5 Key Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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3 min readJul 1, 2019

Do you need help to make your business word of mouth on social media?

If you really need to develop trust among clients and want to build a community around your brand and most importantly want to increase your sales building social media strategy is significant.

A sound social media marketing strategy aligned strategically with your business goals can make your product or service go viral among customers and increase sales effectively from day one.

If you are launching any new business, product or service and want social media presence this post can help you create an excellent social media strategy to kick start your business.

This post will help you build a sound social media strategy for any business based on the 5Ws Model (why, who, what, where and how).

· Identify your goals (Why)

· Identify your audience persona (Who)

· Identify social media channels for your business (Where)

· Create content (What)

· Identify the tactics (How)

Follow these steps to create an unbeatable social media strategy for any business.

Identify your goals (Why)

This is the first and foremost step for creating a social media strategy for your company or business. Identify the goal why do you want social media presence?

There can be many goals for your social media strategy that may include brand awareness, building trust among clients, lead generation increasing sales and conversion rates etc.

I would suggest initially set one or two goals and accomplish those first, in this way you will gain more confidence to achieve the hardest goals.

The next step is to align social media marketing goals with your business goals. This step is crucial as it will move you closer towards achieving your business vision.

Identify your audience persona (Who)

In the second step identify your audience persona. This means visualize your ideal audience by asking such questions:

· Who they are?

· Where do they live?

· On which platforms they are active?

· At which time of the day they are on social media?

· In which age group do they fall?

· Male/Female

· What do they like?

· What they don’t like?

· What is the income range of your audience?

After you have identified your ideal audience it’s time to move on to the next step.

Identify social media channels (Where)

Questions asked in the above step can help you to spot platforms where your ideal audience is more active. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and many others are popular among users due to different reasons, for example, Instagram is the best platform for social media presence if you want to increase product sales.

Note: Don’t forget to align this step with step number 1 & 2 to select the best platform to thrive.

Create content (What)

Completion of the first three steps can help you craft the right kind of content for your social media strategy. Begin to plan content that resonates with your audience’s persona so that they can connect and engage more with you that in turn build brand trustworthiness and hence increased sales. Content can be of various type from written text, graphics, infographic, video, gifs, eBooks, podcasts etc choose a form of content which is aligned with your business and social media strategy goals.

Identify the tactics (How)

Identifying the right kind of tactics for your social media strategy is crucial to achieve the set objectives. In this step make a decision about which approach you will use. You can simply post and wait to watch if it works (its slow process go for it if you have patience) or you can run paid campaigns on different social media channels to reach quickly to your desired audience. Again, don’t forget to align this step with your goals to make most of your money spent on running paid campaigns.

Note: After acting upon your designed social media strategy, evaluate what worked best for you and what didn’t to make it more effective.

Let’s know about how you plan your social media strategy and which tactics work best for you?



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