Introducing Tekuno: Your Experience, Your Proof, Your Value

The Future of Digital Collectibles and Blockchain-Based Rewards

3 min readFeb 20


We have some exciting news to share with our community. We are pleased to announce the rebranding of our platform from h00kd to Tekuno. This transition represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions to our community.

Tekuno is a BaaS product — ‘’blockchain as a service’’, in the form of a revolutionary platform that leverages blockchain technology to create secure and transparent digital (non-fungible) tokens. Our platform is built upon a blockchain-based “Proof of Doing” (PoD) Protocol that is powered by the NEAR blockchain network. This technology provides a unique way to verify and reward a wide range of activities and user experiences. The PoD Protocol has the potential to revolutionize how entities and individuals reward and engage with their communities.

The name Tekuno (テクノ) represents the convergence of two powerful concepts — “technology” and “new”. It embodies the idea of new and innovative technology. The name also holds additional significance as it is an anagram for the word “TOKEN”. Tekuno is a name that is fitting for a futuristic technology that will change the way we interact with digital assets.

The digital collectibles created on our platform are called Tekuno PODs. They can be collected and traded like traditional collectibles. However, Tekuno PODs offer a wide range of features and utilities depending on how they are implemented. They are designed to provide endless possibilities for entities and individuals looking to reward and verify engagement.

Tekuno Pods cannot be faked or copied. Each campaign has the benefit of digital scarcity, which means that campaigns have limited assets and immutable supply parameters. This makes Tekuno Pods even more exclusive and valuable.

So why choose Tekuno?

Our platform provides a range of features to meet your specific needs, including customization options, seamless integration with your existing solutions, scalability, and real-time data tracking. The helps build long-lasting relationships and gamified engagement with your customers or community. It offers a new tangible angle on sales and adds a layer of fun to your activities. Additionally, you have the ability to create valuable loyalty programs and monitor the performance of your campaigns to enhance your overall customer experience. Token gating is another benefit our technology offers, providing a layer of exclusivity that helps you control access to certain content or features.

From HR, CRM and marketing to sales and event organisation — you can verify employee milestones, reward customer engagements, or track attendance at your events. Tekuno offers a new way to engage with your community and the possibilities and use-cases are endless. So join us on this exciting journey as we usher in a new era of digital collectibles and blockchain-based rewards.

Your experience, your proof, your value.

A plug-and-play blockchain-based solution for experiences amplified. Tekuno is a platform made for creating secure and transparent digital (non-fungible) tokens. It is based on “Proof of Doing” (PoD) Protocol built on the NEAR blockchain network and provides a new way to verify and reward a wide range of activities or user experiences.

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Tekuno is a BaaS platform that creates proofs-of-doings (pods) in the form of secure & transparent NFTs to verify and reward experiences and happenings.