The Democratic Coalition: It’s Not Just the Economy Stupid

While my mother-in-law, a staunch establishment Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, was reading David Frum’s The Great Republican Revolt in January, she and I had the following exchange:

Mother-in-law: 38 percent of Donald Trump’s supporters earned less than $50,000. Only 11% earned more than $100,000. Just 13 percent are very conservative. 19% describe themselves as moderates. <with increasing urgency> Hillary should try to get some of these people.
Me: What percentage of them are flaming racists?
Mother-in-law: Only 21% believe Obama was born in the United States.
Me: There you go.

While Democrats would like to be the voice of all the middle class, there are some people who don’t belong in the big tent, regardless of their economic condition. We should fight for their livelihoods, but we shouldn’t fight for their votes. We can’t be the party of minority rights and pander to the flaming racists at the same time, we have to choose. Democrats choose to be the party of minority rights.