Wholesale VoIP Routes

Telephone media is a team of dedicated people who are always committed to provide their clients- a widespread variety of wholesale routes for VoIP traffic. Enormous end benefits are also incorporated with these wholesale routes, that too at very reasonable costs!

These advantages are relevant everywhere throughout the globe. Since we have various interconnections with the immediate bearers around the world, we can offer our customers the most focused costs in the business.

The routing customization on the basis of ACD, ASR and LCR are also possible. Moreover, we provide a number of web-based management and provisioning tools to enable online management of our inbound SIP trunks.

Features of our wholesale routes :

  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Quality termination across numerous countries.
  • Our control panel offers online CDRs to the customers
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Fail over routing
  • No setup costs

Retailing courses alludes to a noteworthy and creating fragment of VoIP business. Telefone media offers the most extensive scope of rates, bundles, arrangements, and alternatives to its customers since it gives its administrations straightforwardly to the end-customers. In addition, a wide variety of specific services and offers are provided to the clients who wish to run their residential VoIP business. As per the clients’ prerequisites, we provide an excellent routing platform; thereby encouraging the clients to select, make, and alter specific directing plans on various destinations. To embolden A-Z terminations in accordance with the clients’ specifications, Telefone Media has got its own in-house software system.

Website:- http://www.telefonemedia.com/