As Big Data Increasingly Influences Our Personal and Professional Lives, Data Centers Play an Integral Role

We’ve all been there. You log into Facebook and are greeted by dozens of ads for iPhone 7 accessories when just yesterday you were scouring Amazon for a new OtterBox. Later that evening, after a weekend of binge-watching “Making a Murderer,” you turn on Netflix to see a wide selection of crime documentaries and suspense thrillers on your watch list. What gives?

In light of your viewing habits, you could be forgiven for seeing some dark conspiracy in this sequence of events, and in a way, you’re right — although the motive is entirely benevolent. Well beyond our daily purview, vast amounts of data are now being used to enhance end-user experience and streamline sales, marketing and customer relations programs. The advent of Big Data has allowed organizations to process information in ways that were once unthinkable.

Big Data refers to extremely large datasets that are difficult to analyze with traditional tools, which includes unstructured data or information that doesn’t reside in a traditional row-column database. Unstructured data is comprised of both text and multimedia content such as e-mail, Microsoft Word documents, videos, photos, audio files, PowerPoint presentations and webpages. Click here to read more…

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