London Docklands: Secure, Reliable Connectivity for Global Enterprises

The story of London and its Docklands is a narrative of global commerce that dates back to the Roman Empire. It was the Romans that first bridged the River Thames and built “Londinium,” which from 50 AD to 410, was the largest city in Britannia and a vital international port.

The city’s docks, most of which were built throughout the nineteenth century, were originally constructed to provide protection against the elements and river pirates, providing sheltered and secure anchorage for larger and greater numbers of shipping vessels as Britain rose to dominance among European trading empires.

London’s Docklands, which were active from 1805 through 1968, were surrounded by high walls and had room for more than 300 vessels. Its warehouses, four stories high, had space for over 200,000 tons of goods, including tobacco, dried fruit, canned foodstuffs, ivory, wool and spices.

Today, London is still a hub of global commerce and so are the Docklands, but the goods and services are now digital, and the need for secure storage and rapid transport to ever-expanding markets is still growing.

A Digital Bridge to the World

In the words of a recent report published by Deloitte, “London is a global city — arguably the world’s foremost business hub, of vital importance to the national, European and global economies.” Indeed, given the rise in financial globalization and London’s longtime standing as a powerful financial services, media and advertising center, the city has positioned itself as one of the best places to serve the world’s businesses.

In Europe and the UK, shrinking IT budgets and bottom line economic infeasibility are making it next to impossible for the vast majority of enterprises to own and operate their own data centers. The ever-increasing demands of data storage and high bandwidth availability, coupled with the need for increased data security and the non-availability of strategic locations for data centers, have always been key issues faced by organizations in today’s global business environment. Curious to know more click here

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