Business Continuity During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was already a dangerous storm when it first gathered force in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Nicaragua. It ultimately wreaked devastation upon the Jersey Shore and the entire New York metropolitan area as it roared up the northeastern seaboard and reached landfall on October 29, 2012. Today, “Superstorm Sandy” stands as one of the deadliest and second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history, taking 72 lives, mostly in New York and New Jersey, and causing an estimated $75 billion in damages.

A significant but unheralded story about Hurricane Sandy was the performance of Telehouse’s data centers and the people who kept them at peak performance, 24/7, during the event. As Fred Cannone, Director, Strategic Sales and Channel Development at Telehouse, notes in an interview, “We didn’t drop a single electron of power or communications due to our preparation, our ability to maintain a controlled environment, and our people.”

This was true for all three of Telehouse’s New York locations, which literally and figuratively were in the eye of the storm and yet functioned without interruption.

When Milliseconds Can Mean Millions

In a hyper-connected world, where even milliseconds of downtime can cost companies millions of dollars, enterprises’ as well as SMB’s ability to operate even in the worst of times is not a business nicety but a necessity. Fifty percent of businesses that experience data loss for 10 days or more file for bankruptcy immediately, and 93 percent fail within a year. That’s why having a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan in place, one that is continuously refined, frequently rehearsed and coordinates all stakeholders and partners — including data center operators, fuel and parts suppliers, power and communications service providers, and customers — is truly mission-critical. Indeed, Disaster Recovery preparedness, which starts with accessible data backup, is the foundation of business continuity. This was exemplified by the steps taken by Telehouse to ensure that when Sandy hit, its operations and those of its customers were not adversely impacted. Curious to know more click here

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