Podcasts are like radio. They’re like Netflix for radio. There are so many great podcasts, people often find themselves lost in the forest of choice.

Let me lead you deeper into the woods.

Note: If you don’t know how to listen to podcasts, scroll down to the bottom of this article — there’s a quick tutorial for the uninitiated.

I did my best to include evergreen episodes next to each recommendation.
If you’re unsure where to start — just pick a podcast that sounds fun, or has a nice graphic on the cover, and give the example episode a shot.

Just a couple thoughts and questions that kept bouncing in my brain during election week. It was originally a Facebook post, but I updated it during transition and decided to post here. Should be a fun read in 4 years.

Post–election Thoughts

  • Democrats expanded the surveillance state. Now Trump runs it.
  • Fight fire with fire. Kanye West 2020.
  • Apparently, internal Republican polls projected Democratic victory. I wonder if they were as surprised as Democrats were.

“Nobody believed me. Some people believed me. By the way, thousands of people believe me because they saw it.” (Source)

  • I admit it’s a little consoling that…

Maciej Szafraniec

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