Samsung Galaxy S8 plus: 3 reasons why it’s the best phone in the game

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is one of the latest Samsung smartphones to hit the shelves in recent months and has been tried and tested by many users in Pakistan and the world alike. What do the people think and what’s the verdict when it comes to the performance delivered by Samsung’s newest phone? Well, it seems to be incredibly positive! Here are 4 reasons why the Samsung S8 plus is the best smartphone in the game! 

1) It is simply gorgeous

The S8+ is gorgeous and meets all the expectations that were created upon its anticipation. Its sleek design and large screen is a fusion of aesthetics and practicality to result in the best Samsung mobile.

With a 6.2 inch Ultra HD display it offers 570 pixels per inch resulting in a much sharper viewing experience and takes down all of its competitors with its large screen. The Iphone 7 Plus does not even come close a 4.7 inch display with 326 pixels per inch. Not only that but the phone is also equipped with HDR (high dynamic range) display which not only enhances brightness but also brings out richer color on your screen than any phone ever before.

The huge size of the screen might be a little troublesome for some clumsy people but it comfortably fits within your pocket and hands due to its curved edges, a thickness of 8.1mm and a mere weight of 173g.

2) A camera that will transform you to a professional photographer

Ever wanted to capture amazing photographs without going through the complications of professional cameras and DSLR’s? In that this phone is a necessity for you! Samsung has consistently delivered in camera performances in its phones but now seems to have outdone itself in all frontiers.

Its 12 megapixel rear camera has an aperture for 1.7 to give you the most intricate of details and focuses on whatever object you desire whilst blurring the rest to create an intimate composition. Features like multi-frame image processing, sensational HDR capture and a hard to believe fast shooting feature makes this camera one of the best in the world. The biggest difference between this camera and previous Samsung cameras is that the S8+ has high resolution video stabilization which makes even 4k movie recording smooth and keeps your horizon straight.

The front camera has evolved into the selfie camera and with its 8 megapixel sensor and fast focus it’s a guarantee that all your moments will be captured in all their essence whether you are in the Flawless No-Makeup Look or not.

3) Performance at its finest

Don’t expect the S8+to be slow, this beast of an operating system is smooth and rushes through several high demanding apps at the same time. The need to put down your smartphone for it to stop lagging is over with its 4GB RAM which ensures that you can manage all your tasks and still be playing a game at the same time. It’s the world’s first smartphone with fully updated internals and an advanced chipset system which propels it over all other phones.

The S8+ is a big phone and so it requires quite some power to run. A 3500 mAH battery promises to keep running throughout the day and even more if your toggle its several power saving options.

The battle lines between all up and coming smartphones have been drawn and by the looks of it the Samsung S8+ is the undisputed king with all of its dominant features and user friendly options.