Now is the right time to enroll in a DCC training program from Telehealth Certification Institute

As we see the transformation from physical methods to digital ones for communication and information exchange, the future is setting itself up for a version where everything will be connected and all the information- just one tap of a screen away.This new age of innovation has brought us closer than we’ve ever been in the history; human communication has evolved to levels which our forefathers could not have imagined, Technology has made our life simpler, easier and enjoyable.

How can a psychologist benefit from advancements in communication technology?

The benefits are limitless, you can Increase your client base, become mobile, help those who live far away and most importantly improve your exposure.

As the world is moving forward with its new innovations and inventions, it is a relatively good idea to recognize the importance of these events. A psychologist can use these advancements in technology to offer HIPAA compliant distance counseling services through VoIP channels (Video Calls), thus allowing their clients to receive therapy sessions and counseling online.Although distance therapy is still a relatively new practice (Which means less competition) which is still gaining momentum as more and more people are usingthe internet for more than just…E-mailing.

From a financial viewpoint, the market potential for this kind of service is exponential and if you are a therapist/psychologist/psychotherapist with years of experience by your side then this is the perfect time to enroll in a DCC course and get trained with the professionals. Online treatment of mental health issues has many classifications including: online therapy, online counseling, telepsycology, telepsyciatry and E-counseling but before you can start treating your clients online you ought to receive adequate training from anAmerican Psychological Association approved institute.

Certification for online counseling is available through Telehealth Certification Institute the professionals there are well versed with the HIPAA, Risk Management, Legal and Ethical aspects of the training and they have an extensive experience in educating, informing and helping psychologists through their multiple courses that are focused on developing every segment of this industry.

The two most common courses that are given by the Telehealth Certification Institute

Ø Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC) certification — 2 days

Ø Telemental Health Counseling essentials — 1 day

The DCC (Distance Credentialed Counselor) course is a nationally recognized course, which is awarded by The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), and affiliate of the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). The Telehealth Certification Training Institute provides the training component necessary for the DCC credential, with robust and effective training techniques. The Telehealth Certification Institute is also recognized for their assistance and responsiveness to alumni’s needs.

The Telemental Health counseling essentials course is an extractconsisting the essentials from the full DCC course with its contents focused on helping clinicians receive the majority of their training for becoming competent when it comes to providing counseling through video calls.

Training from Telehealth Certification Institute can be arranged both in person and as a form of live interactive webinar where trainees can ask questions back to the trainer. For more information on the training details please visit us at