How to Explore Options While Looking for VoIP Service Providers?

Introduction to VoIP Business Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the best advancements in the technological field. The technology has achieved acceptance from all the businesses engaged in client services and calling. In a short span of time, it has become one of the most reliable and mainstream communication services. Businesses with a large number of overseas clients like call centers opt for this service over local phones to minimize their calling cost.

However, VoIP solutions are available in a wide range, businesses can choose the most suitable solution based on their size, budget, location etc. If deployed properly and combined with all the services like SIM based termination, GSM gateways etc., VoIP can result in a profitable and productive service.

Before exploring the options of service providers, you should have prior knowledge of different types of business VoIP solutions. Major among these include:

  1. Voice over IP Call Termination to save up to 50 percent on calls. The service helps you save money by using the public internet or privately managed IP network to terminate business calls.
  2. IP Centrex or Hosted Centrex service is another option, where the service provider offers PBX-like features from their ‘host’ softswtich.

To start with your search of a suitable VoIP service provider, you should first understand different services and their suitability for your business.

Research Companies: Search different companies, read about them, their terms of services, offerings and the type of software they provide. Some companies like TelePacket and ReveSoft offer 30 days satisfaction or money back guarantee. Explore more such companies and schedule meeting with them to understand how these companies can help you with your calling requirements.

Check Voice Quality: If you just get lured by the big promises made by the service providers, be careful while dealing with the VoIP service providers. Every company will claim it to be the best and try hard to sell their products. VoIP has direct impact on your call quality and relations with the clients, so you cannot risk your business. Latency is one of the major problems faced when calls made from internet.

Crucial parameters while checking the call quality should be minimum latency, faster connections, multiple POPs and minimized jitters. On the basis of call quality, you can easily differentiate average provider from the best one.

Pricing: Spending more than your budget to save a few bucks in future is never a good option. The right practice is to compare prices of different VoIP optimizer providers. Talk to the service providers to understand their pricing structure and find out how well the quality justify their prices. If possible, you can also negotiate with the service provider for prices on the basis of calling volume also expressed as minutes of use (MOU).

Network Test: This has nothing to do with the service provider, but your own internet connection. Besides the quality of VoIP software, internet speed also impacts the voice quality. Just make sure you request a network test before making the final purchase. A business that denies from offering this should be struck out from the list immediately.

After exploring all the options and evaluating different companies, you should choose the best VoIP and SIM based termination services provider for highest satisfaction level. This will not just help you get the best service provider but will also assist you in achieving the goal of reducing the cost while improving the quality of customer support services.