A strong desire to kill myself

It’s like the 19th of February right now, a hot ass stank ass Friday, the freshest most up to date Friday ever in history. I’m gonna write a fucking blog post because I feel like it might be something good to get into the habit of for a few reasons. Let’s test out this coked out bullet system rn.

  • Materialising thoughts as to possibly pragmatically advantage the workflow of my meme’d out existence
  • My writing and vocabulary might grow mutually for the first time since highschool
  • It’s impossible for it to not be cathartic right

I have no plan for how this post or any future ones will pan out. That is 100% subject to the universe. I want a cigarette. Maybe I don’t want the format to be as obviously introspective as it already is. Maybe I should take the opportunity to think about the output in the perspective of the audience and tailor to that with something innovative. I don’t even want an audience. This was definitely meant to be an alternative outlet for me personally but perhaps it won’t be that in the future. Who the cunt knows? I already hate it.