The Best Way To Get LinkedIn Profile Views

while you keyword your title and write a post, i’m looking at tits

Think of LinkedIn as a porn site, not a professional network. It has millions of models with real photos. They use their real names and contact info. And they all believe you’re interested in their “careers”. But you’re not.

You’re there to look at their tits.

For instance: To rank higher among the people in the “my connections” and “similar professionals” lists, I open the profile and look at the tits of each broad with big tits that ranks below me on the “Connections” and “Professionals Like You” lists. And if they’re worth fucking I write down their email address or Twitter handle.

Most of them will view my profile in return because they don’t know I was just looking at their tits. They think I was looking at their experience. Or reading their accomplishments. When my rank improves, it pushes fresh tits down so I can do it again. In a week I went from dead last to the top 20%.

You can research jobs and companies while you’re looking at tits to get profile views too. Use the alumni search to find recent graduates working in HR or in marketing at a company you want to work for. Look at their tits and get contact info for the ones you want to bang while you wait for them to view your profile and bump your relevance. I usually label the ones I should bang before I get hired, should bang when I get hired, and bang after I get hired so I know who I’m going to InMail first.

This method isn’t perfect. It would be better, I think, if LinkedIn profile pics were topless. Or had video chat. But it’s a lot better than rewriting your profile.

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