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As Ethereum scales we see Layer 2 structures playing a key role along the way. And so we’ve sought to design a structure to not only benefit from the technical opportunities these options could have for an oracle, but to widen our reach in bringing censorship resistant oracles to more users.

Our first step in this direction was to build an oracle implementation over on Matic. The Tellor Core team has known the Matic founders since our inception and we aren’t just big fans of the technology, we also respect how they do things and the community they’re building.

If you aren’t acquainted with Matic, they are a hybrid POS+Plasma sidechain on top of Ethereum that’s fast and cheap to use. We’ve seen their user’s grow and we’ve had projects reach out to us waiting for us to build an oracle on Matic so the time has come. We are calling it Tellor Too: the Tellor Optimistic Oracle. …

Tellor Core

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