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Phone scams are one of the most indecent events happening in the 21st century. It might seem trivial, still phone scams lower efficiency and may lead to unnecessary money loss. The number of spam calls are increasing worldwide according to official figures in the recent years, inducing a growing incentive for software developers and app builders to integrate phone number blacklist solution. tellows, a platform that works against unwanted calls, provides an extensive database for developers who address the same issue, in favor of protecting themselves, their companies or customers from unwanted calls.

Why tellows API?

We are proud of the consistency and quality of the tellows data, as tellows provides live data all the time. The tellows website or apps are platforms for people who are called by unknown callers, to find out information of dubious numbers. The community of tellows provides information about suspicious phone numbers. Users share the caller name, caller type and details of the caller’s purpose. tellows uses tools and manual checks to ensure the data quality in order to provide a reliable solution against phone scams.

Over 7 Million users in more than 50 countries use the tellows website and apps to report unwanted phone numbers every month. In general, tellows receives over 20.000 ratings monthly via desktop and applications.

To categorize users geographically, they are divided into tellows ABC markets, which is differentiated by the amount of visitors and reported numbers.

  • A markets are the most important tellows markets with 4.4M visits per month covering 80% of the total community. These biggest markets include Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and France.

Distribution and frequency of phone numbers on tellows represents the relationship between search volume (in percentage) and the phone numbers, very helpful for analyzing most requested numbers.

  • 70% of all search requests for phone numbers on tellows related to the top 5.000
  • 54% of all search requests for phone numbers on tellows related to the top 1.000
  • 22,4% of all search requests for phone numbers on tellows related to the top 100

Classification of parameters in the tellows database

The range of parameters in the tellows API allows developers to gather the specific information in need and assembles their own distinct phone system or app solutions. The following is the choice of parameters that tellows offers.

  • Phone number
  • tellows score
  • Number of comments
  • Number of search requests
  • Caller type (telemarketers, survey…… )
  • Caller name (company name assigned by users)
  • Area (including ZIP code, city, country code)
  • Comments for each phone number
  • Set language for the result output
  • Deeplink to phone number
  • Filter results by score, country, comments or search request

tellows blacklist

The blacklist contains all numbers that are reported or searched within the last 30 days. According to the pie chart, 1/3 of the numbers have a very short lifespan, that in general they are active only for a few weeks. In addition, tellows carries out fraud checks and spam detection to prevent manipulations of phone number ratings. tellows uses several criteria of the parameters to ensure the blacklist is an up-to-date resource, which solely contains active numbers. Lastly, all relevant numbers are accessible in one request within the tellows API.

“Love Tellows. Only Spam Caller database to offer a simple and beautiful API. I use the app to quickly and easily provide my own scores on numbers. Is extremely reliable for most known UK call centers etc.”

Ian Grody wrote in Google play on 13 April 2018

Scorelist and Live APIs by tellows

Scorelist API includes all currently reported phone numbers and its details defined with the parameters, to receive an up-to date blacklist in a CSV format. Can be retrieved multiple times a day to receive an updated blacklist for multiple use-cases. The scorelist API is the most purchased type of API in the tellows shop, as it provides stable protection by flexibly accessing the chosen parameters.

Live API provides real-time caller protection with excellent speed and live data, which includes all details about a phone number. Once the blacklist is downloaded, the Live API can be used to gather further information for every number on the blacklist with all possible caller names, caller types or comments etc.

Collaboration with tellows API

Software programming

tellows and tiptel, a German company that provides telecommunications solutions, work together and integrated Phonalisa, a software programme for the tiptel 8010/8020 IP telephone systems that can be used with the tellows caller identification. jAnrufmonitor and PhoneMondo are other examples that features the tellows API. The companies offer call monitor to check all inbound calls in real time, using the tellows blacklist API to provide caller details. We received well responses from our partners and clients, and we are content that our users replied that they are more efficient as time is no longer wasted with nuisance calls.

Application solution

Creating and managing personal blocking, exceptions lists and SMS filtering rules can be fulfilled by adopting tellows API. #SCB is a caller ID and blocker available in iTunes, which emphasizes in blocking nuisance calls and filters out SMS spam. Another example of collaboration with tellows API for application is Spam ID, it focuses on protecting users from spam calls using the tellows database.

University collaborations

tellows also participates in scientific research. Students from the UPMC University in Paris successfully built a call blocker app with the help of the tellows API. The application identifies French phone numbers and shows whether a number is dangerous or trustworthy. This project shows that the tellows API is a very efficient tool for phone number studies and serves as a basis for researches about the development of phone scam over the years in different countries.

With the tellows API Key and a simple phone system, the magic happens! A caller identification with your own choice of parameters is ready to use! Visit our documentation website and see more details of our API! In addition, the best way to test the tellows API is to try it, download our app on iTunes or Google Play to experience the quality of the tellows database now! We welcome reviews and comments about our API, please get back to us on our website. If you are interested in becoming one of our partners or have any further question, please contact us via email or the comments box on our partnership website.

The official account of tellows — we protect users from telephone scams in over 50 countries with solutions for smartphones and landlines.

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