The ROI of Authenticity at Work: Happiness, Effectiveness, and Bottomless Devotion (or Why We Do Leadership Camp)

  • More authenticity at your company
  • Team members who bring their entire selves to work, including their emotions, their struggles, and their convictions
  • Leaders who are open to reaching the highest level of their potential
  • People who will give you the honest answer to the question: “What do you want?”
  • A Leadership Team that’s trying hard to act exactly like your CEO, both the positive and negative traits
  • Team members who are afraid to share an opinion directly with a colleague or boss and choose to gossip about the situation instead
  • An unconnected workforce
  • A talent pool that needs to drink, get high, play video games, take 200-mile bike rides at lunch, etc, to offset the stress of a culture of non-acceptance
  • An office environment that’s no fun at all
Drawn by Dharma Comics



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Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner

Executive Coach, Conscious Leadership Consultant, Speaker. Co-founder Mergelane and