Why Vote?

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It’s Election Day! But I can’t vote because I’m not British. But I voted in two very important elections in the past. The first was George W. Bush vs. Al Gore in the year 2000. Which changed world politics, as we know it forever! The second big vote was the Libyan National Congress Election in 2012. That was a historical event. For the first time in more than forty years, people came out to vote regardless of their differences. They voted their conscience and put their politics where it belongs, the voting booth.

There were many other times where I didn’t vote. I got stuck thinking… “Should I shouldn’t I? It doesn’t even matter, it’s only ONE vote!” Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla Bla!

It reached a point that in last year’s election (Trump vs. Hillary) I filled out an absentee ballot and didn’t bother to mail it!

As you do, I had some time to sit back and reflect, and realized that voting is not about your team winning all the time. What you achieve by voting is that you declare that you “I believe in the idea of democracy and that I’m a part of this society” as well as “I do not believe or wish to see a future for our society in which democracy is not an option”

Most importantly you are casting your vote to take part in choosing who will set the standards and values that this country will function by.

Go out! Queue up! And VOTE!

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