Startup VS SME: learn the difference.

When we talk about entrepreneurship, there is a trend word that we can hear referring to almost every new business: startup.

When anyone tells that they are creating a startup, the project seems to be somehow more modern, innovative and technological than any other small enterprise. There is something fresh about the word, but most of the people do not actually know why.

So, what exactly is a startup? Is it not the same as any recently created enterprise? We will have a brief review of our recent history to understand this.

Where does the word “startup” come from?

The term was first used in the sense of a new company by a Forbes article of…

A brief overview of the future of Blockchain for business

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend an entrepreneurship event hosted by Indra and Intel Capital in Madrid. Among many other startups and successful companies from Silicon Valley, it was R3 the one that most captivated my attention.

This week, we heard that ING bank signs a 5-Year licensing deal with R3 to have unlimited access to the Corda Enterprise Platform. This is nothing surprising: ING is now one of the more than 200 partners and members of the Corda ecosystem.

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Some companies stated for R3 as a part of their ecosystem

David E Rutter founded R3 in 2014, and they led the consortium created in 2015 alongside Barclays, BBVA, CBA, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, J.P. …

The crypto-market is living bad days, and investors fly away

If you have a peek of the latest changes in the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, you will find that the scenario is far from being positive. In fact, almost all of them are losing value in the market.

Is it a good or a bad moment for entering the crypto-world? Let us analyze the reasons for this drop before taking any decision.

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Top Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization at 2018/12/15, from

As usual, one can find interesting learnings by observing the evolution of the most relevant cryptocurrency at the moment. The Bitcoin chart shows a critical descent of its price and market cap on November 14th. …

Analysis, guidelines, and examples for doing the right design.

One of the most important marketing decisions that you will have to face when launching an app is the design of the icon. Its importance comes from the fact that the icon will affect the first impression of the user, and it will be the way to catch their attention when browsing the marketplace. Especially if you are launching an app-based startup, your success will be directly related to your visibility in the app markets.

This article will focus on the Android and iOS apps design. I will summarize some of the most important aspects of the design like the form factor and the choice of color. …

The five keys to understanding what is the Blockchain

It is highly probable that you have heard the word ‘Blockchain’ during the last year. Even when we all tend to have a vague idea about what it is, the truth is that most of us could not explain why everybody talks about it in every innovation and technology forum.

This article summarizes the most important concepts to understand Blockchain so that you can participate in any conversation about this matter without getting lost in the first sentence. Actually, this article will give you all the information you need to start thinking in your own cases of use for Blockchain. …

QUIC is the protocol underlying the next version of HTTP

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has revealed that the third official version of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) will not use TCP anymore. Instead, it will run over the QUIC protocol first developed by Google back in 2012.

Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) is, as its name states, a transport layer protocol based on multiplexed UDP connections. In fact, QUIC uses a combination of TCP + TLS + SPDY over UDP with several enhancements with respect to the current HTTP/2 over TCP implementation.

The IETF has been working on a standardized version of Google’s QUIC since 2016, and it was recently that they announced their intention to include it for the new HTTP/3 version. However, the IETF QUIC version already diverged significantly from the original QUIC design. …

Learn how to use the most interesting features from the latest release of Photoshop CC v20.0

Adobe Photoshop CC v20.0 was recently released in October 2018, and it is already published as “CC 2019”. This release includes many UI and usability improvements, some of them based on customer requests.

After trying it, I would definitely say that Photoshop is positively getting to be a more intuitive and efficient design tool. Nevertheless, the wide variety of options make it really complex to master this tool.

We will now learn about our selection of the three best features included in Photoshop CC v20.0. …

Learning about Personas and how to create them

The first steps for every UX design methodology are focused on the research. The designers need to understand who are their target users, and how do they behave. For this purpose, we will learn about the concept of Persona, which is one of the key tools for the user research.

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We will first cover the explanation of this concept, and why is it important for design and business.

After that, we will learn to construct Personas for our UX projects.


Before starting with Personas, let us have a brief look at the concept of user profiling.

A guide to starting selling T-shirts online without caring about logistics

Do you like graphic design? Have you ever tried to design your own T-shirts? I do, and I love to spend my free time creating new illustrations and patterns.

But how can you get some profit from that? I have my own work, and I cannot afford to create my own T-shirt business right now due to the lack of time. However, there is a solution for those of you who want to benefit from your hobby. The answer to our problems, like many others, is on the Internet.

Before telling you how do I did it, I will share some of my numbers. Of course, you will not be a millionaire because of this method: remember that this is just a way to get some extra money from your hobby! …

Understanding eXperience Design to carry out your own design projects

Adobe XD is one of the most used free tools for UI/UX design and prototyping in the mobile design world. As a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, eXperience Design offers many options and an intuitive interface. You can create and test your experiences while previewing the complete interface of your app.

If you are new to mobile apps design, you should read my previous article too:

This article will help you to understand the potential of Adobe XD and how to get started with your own design project for Android or iOS. It will not take you more than one hour!


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