Champaign Blockchain Meetup #2 — Telos Sqrl Wallet w/Marlon Williams (EOS Miami)

Friday, February 15th, 2019 at 12:00 PM CT Telos-21Zephyr is organizing the second Champaign Blockchain Meetup this year. The meetup will be devoted to the learning about the Telos Sqrl Wallet. Marlon Williams, creator of the Sqrl wallet and EOS Miami Founder, will be joining our CrowdCast call to discuss the innovative multi-chain wallet with the Champaign blockchain community. Telos-21Zephyr will be hosting this extraordinary meetup in Enterprise Works, Champaign, IL. Furthermore, the event will be streaming live on CrowdCast platform so that everyone will have a chance to attend and ask questions!


12:00–12:40 : Sqrl, an innovation multi-chain wallet for the Telos Blockchain Network, introduced by Marlon Williams, creator of Sqrl and Founder of EOS Miami.

12:40–1:00 : Q & A Panel

About Sqrl Wallet

Sqrl is a fully functional light wallet designed to store and trade TLOS tokens on the Telos blockchain, as well as vote for block producers. The Sqrl wallet is one of the primary multi-chain wallets for the Telos Blockchain Network. The wallet allows users to connect to a remote Telos API endpoint to vote for block producers and perform other wallet commands. Sqrl is the Telos compatible version of the Greymass eos-voter wallet, and it is a solution for Telos users who are looking for alternatives to Scatter or other major wallets.

Come learn more about Sqrl and its applications for the blockchain! This meetup will continue our discussion of the Telos blockchain, which we talked about last time with Douglas Horn. You can watch the recording from this event on our YouTube channel.

About Marlon Williams

Marlon Williams, the creator of the Sqrl wallet, will be sharing his insight and expertise with the Champaign blockchain community as a guest speaker during Champaign Blockchain Meetup #2.

Marlon Williams co-chairs the Telos Development Working Group and has lead efforts to adopt multi-chain support in eosjs and eosjs-ecc, as well as development of Telos official wallet, Sqrl. He is the founder of EOS Miami, the CEO of Fenero, a cloud-based call center software company. Marlon also holds the position of CEO at Qubicles, an EOSIO-based marketplace for connecting call centers with customer service, sales, and support talent in a global meritocracy-based system.

Remember the event is going to take place Feb. 15th, 2019 at 12:00 PM CT. Join our live stream and be part of the discussion! Q&A session included!

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