Champaign Blockchain Meetup #5 VIITASPHERE: The Economy of the People!

We are into the month of May and also gearing up for Session 5 of our Champaign Blockchain Meetup on 17th May from 12:00–1:00 PM CT. We are very excited to host the team of Viitasphere for our upcoming meetup. Viitasphere is a very interesting project and according to the website it's formed by Michael Delgado and Justin Johnston for the purpose of providing a platform to help people achieve financial freedom via the technology of the future.

We are looking forward to a very exciting event where Michael Delgado CEO of Viitasphere will be presenting and discussing the following interesting topics:

  1. What is Viitasphere?
  2. What makes Viitasphere unique?
  3. Why Viitasphere?
  4. Viitasphere’s revolutionary Community Standing Score
  5. VIITA Coin and its use case
  6. VIICT (VIITA Certificate Token)
  7. Their future and their ambitious goals

With Viitasphere the community and individuals will have the ability to establish connectivity to one another on a peer-to-peer platform, wherein they can request for and provide services and goods at an agreed-upon cost with freedom of payment. We feel it’s revolutionary and can’t wait to discover more during the meetup.

VIITA is Viitasphere’s native cryptocurrency which allows members to buy/sell/transact on Viitasphere instantaneously and free of any fees, different to the current forms of payment in every field where there are transaction costs associated with each of them.

On the other hand, VIICT is short for “VIITA Certificate Tokens”. VIICT is designed such that, it is responsible for profit sharing on the platform over the long term. It is mentioned that one-third of all future Viitasphere profits will go back to the holders of VIICT.

There are many amazing benefits for Viitasphere which will be expanded during the event:

  1. Zero Platform Fees
  2. Freedom of Payment
  3. Community Standing

Viitasphere and similar projects are essential for the building of community around Telos and Viitasphere achieved a rare feat by being the first on Telos Blockchain to release Native Telos tokens — VIITA coin and also VIICT (VIITA Certificate Tokens). According to its COO Jeff Jackson, they are “All in on Telos”.


Michael Delgado Co-Founder & CEO

Michael is the CEO of Viitasphere, wrote the business plan, financial analysis, and developed the business model. He has experience in sales and marketing and in managing and overseeing business operations. He comes from the ophthalmology industry and before starting Viitasphere was the Premium Practice Coordinator at one of the largest ophthalmology practices on the west coast, where he was the right hand to the CEO. He developed Viitasphere with the skilled worker, entrepreneur, and business owner in mind. His goal is to create a free market that is not centrally controlled and can’t be manipulated; a market where people can work for themselves and use and earn a currency that isn’t bound to the fractional reserve banking system or the follies of unending inflation.

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