Champaign Ethereum Meetup is now Champaign Blockchain Meetup!

The Champaign Ethereum Meetup is a group of people interested in Ethereum, blockchain, smart contracts, and digital cryptocurrencies. Our group has met once a month to discuss and learn about cryptocurrency technology since 2016. Over our many meetups we have discussed smart contract technology and Ethereum in a variety of formats including Q & A and Panel Discussions.

Since we began these meetings, many other smart contract based blockchains have been released alongside Ethereum. The burgeoning market of crypto-currencies and blockchains, upon which this meetup was originally founded, has expanded to higher scale blockchain technologies. We want our meetup to include discussion about all of the new and improving blockchains which are developing and being released right now.

With our upcoming meetups, we would like to cover the most relevant possible topics for this community. Ethereum is an essential piece of blockchain technology, however we also want to help inform you on topics regarding all smart contract and blockchain technologies that are emerging. Scalable blockchains are something that we are all passionate about, and we hope that coming in the future these meetings can supply important and up to date news on a variety of important new blockchain technologies.