Telos-21Zephyr and GoodBlock Introduce TELOS WORLD 2018 — The First Free Virtual Conference for Telos Community

The moment that many are waiting for — the launch of Telos blockchain, is finally coming! Telos is a new fork of the EOSIO network, and is looking to increase participation and sustainability on the blockchain. This is a big step for the Telos community and TLOS Token Holders. To celebrate this special moment, we want to gather the community and provide essential knowledge about the new blockchain. Telos-21Zephyr and GoodBlock, in collaboration with other organizations belonging to Telos community, are organizing the virtual conference which will take place on December 14, 2018.

The day of virtual conference will be hosted by GoodBlock and Telos-21Zephyr, and will be streaming online for free to all interested in the subject. This will be the first virtual conference for the Telos community and TLOS Token Holders and it is already announced as a big team effort since many other Telos organizations will take part as speakers and promoters of the event. Telos World will be hosted on the YouTube platform and will feature speakers who serve essential roles in the development of both Telos and the community.

The community has demonstrated a great deal of interest in the virtual conference. The Telos World 2018 conference is designed to address the most pressing issues for the Telos community. The conference is planned to be held following the launch of the Telos network, and will help clarify important aspects of the Telos blockchain.

Sessions will be 30–45 minutes long and will include 10 minutes at the end of each session for the purpose of questions and answers. Speakers invited to the conference will cover subjects such as: governance, technology, wallets, tokenomics, dAapps and airdrops. The conference will be a mixture of formats based upon what is most appropriate for the topic. The formats will include panel discussions, presentations, as well as debates. The organizers hope The Telos World 2018 conference will help inform the collective decision making of the Telos community and bring the community closer together through dialogue and discussion.

If you are interested in attending the conference keep an eye out for more details forthcoming regarding when the conference will be held. Telos-21Zephyr and are very excited to be hosting this important virtual conference which will highlight the very good work done by the Telos community.

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