Telos-21Zephyr: Ownership Disclosure

21Zephyr, Inc., is a Delaware Corporation authorized to conduct business in Illinois and is located in Champaign, Illinois. We have been involved with Telos since the early days and we have participated consistently with Telos Testnet. We have a deep understanding of the technological requirements for fast, efficient block production with minimum latency. Telos-21Zephyr is a wing of 21Zephyr focused on providing the optimal block producing environment for the Telos blockchain.

Ownership of block production has become a rising issue on some blockchains recently. Block producers have been discovered buying stakes in other block producers, or maintaining other various conflicts of interest, and these practices present a clear risk to both the EOS and Telos community. When block producers are partially invested, and financial partners, with other block producers, this can result in price manipulation and undemocratic centralized forms of control over the blockchain. Rather than decentralizing control over Telos, these conflicts of interest risk centralizing the control of the currency in a the hands of large partnerships of block producers. For this reason we believe that it is important that we disclose our ownership and avoid conflicts of interest which threaten the mission of the Telos network.

In pursuit of our mission of accountability and clear communication with the Telos community, we believe it is essential that 21Zephyr is upfront about our ownership. We have committed ourselves to avoid conflicts of interest, and always maintain our financial independence. 21Zephyr, inc., owns no investments in other block producers, and maintains its financial independence to ensure there will be no conflicts of interest in carrying out our duties to the Telos community.

21Zephyr, Inc., is 90% owned by our president and founder Michael Gucci, and is 10% owned by Jesse Swinderman. We commit ourselves to never buy a stake in another block producer, and to never engage in any unethical practices in regards to managing our interests within the Telos community.

Michael Gucci 90%
Jesse Swinderman 10%