Telos World 2018 Host Moved to YouTube!

Telos World 2018 will now be streaming on YouTube. Youtube provides a platform that will be easier, simple and internationally accessible — all that to make the virtual conference more convenient to you, our viewers!

YouTube is easily accessible regardless of borders, and we want to make sure everyone can be involved in this important first Telos conference. We hope that this last second change will bring more viewers and that everyone will be able to attend the YouTube Livestream Tomorrow, Friday the 14th of December. The conference will start at 3 PM UTC, the session schedule has not changed and it is included below.

The active participation of the audience hasn’t changed either — you can still comment live about the conference on Youtube and take part in by asking questions — or just simply use our hashtags #TelosWorld and #TelosWorld2018 on Twitter!

We hope to see everyone at the Telos World 2018 conference, it’s going to be a wonderful day of community building and education for the whole community. Join us, for Telos World 2018!

Telos World 2018 is sponsored by Telos-21Zephyr and

The speakers for the event are listed here, to read more about these speakers visit or our social channels:

  1. Azad Halim (Octagon Labs)
  2. Bhargav Kalari (Telos-21Zephyr)
  3. J.T. Buice (KainosBP)
  4. Douglas Horn (GoodBlock)
  5. Syed Mushabbar Sadiq (Swedencornet)
  6. Richard Bryan (TelosDAC)
  7. Sukesh Kumar Tedla (TelosGreen)
  8. Daniel Lazor (EOS Metal)
  9. Jim Hewitt (Telos UK)
  10. Justin Giudici (Infinitybloc)
  11. Marlon Williams (EOS Miami)
  12. Jesse Schulman (CalEOS)
  13. James Davis (GoodBlock)
  14. Beth Farnham (GoodBlock)
  15. Maurice (Telos Voyager)
  16. Dimitar Dzhurenov (Infinite X Labs)
  17. Peter Bue (GoodBlock)
  18. Ed Silva (GoodBlock)
  19. Marielle Saums (GoodBlock)
  20. Jun Dam (EOS Ignite)
  21. Jan Smit (DutchEOS)
  22. Craig Branscom (GoodBlock)

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